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The paparazzi and eldery women in wheelchairs learn don’t mess with Denise Richards
November 9th, 2006 under Bad Paparazzi, Denise Richards, Pamela Anderson. [ Comments: none ]

Hollywood actress Denise Richards hit an 80-year-old woman in a wheelchair with at least one flying laptop Wednesday while battling paparazzi during the filming of her new movie at the River Rock Casino in Richmond. Richmond RCMP spokesman Cpl. Peter Thiessen said Richards took and threw two laptops belonging to photographers who had come uninvited onto the set of Blonde and Blonder — a movie Richards is currently shooting with Ladysmith native Pamela Anderson. "Denise Richards recognized them [the photographers] and took exception," said Thiessen, who said he did not know what led Richards to become upset. "She grabbed their two laptops and threw them off a balcony," he added, noting there appeared to be a history between Richards and the photographers. Thiessen said the 80-year-old woman was one floor below Richards when she was hit but said she was not badly hurt and is not interested in laying charges. Thiessen added that the photographers called police after hotel staff took away their laptops and refused to give them back. On Wednesday night, a representative from the casino spoke to the media about the incident but refused to give any details. "We had an unauthorized entry of some individuals onto the set of Blonde and Blonder, which is currently shooting on our property," said Howard Blank, vice-president of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation that owns River Rock. "The alleged incident was some people coming onto the film set unauthorized and there was a bit of a ruckus," he said, adding the incident happened at about 6 p.m. Thiessen said representatives of the film company agreed to pay for damages to the laptops and that no charges are going to be laid by anyone involved in the incident. Blonde and Blonder is described as Legally Blonde meets Dumb and Dumber, as the two stars are chased by police and criminals after being mistaken for paid assassins.

Vancouver Sun

Denise takes a lot from the paparazzi, so whatever these two guys did must’ve been really bad.

I also wonder if this is what Pamela Anderson blogged about yesterday:

Loser Paparazzi

Can’t believe set is surrounded by loser paparazzi – not Canadian – all American and European…Leave us alone!!! They are being super idiots!!! Yelling rude stuff. They need to really go home! What is the big deal? All these big hairy men attacking us girls. A-holes!!!



Another paparazzi/Lindsay Lohan car ax.
November 8th, 2006 under Bad Paparazzi, Lindsay Lohan. [ Comments: none ]

Lindsay Lohan is pulling herself together after another traumatizing car accident involving a paparazzo. Sources tell us a photographer chasing the 20-year-old actress rear-ended her black Mercedes near the corner of Olympic and La Cienega in L.A. around 2 a.m. yesterday. "She was apparently able to drive a short distance from the crash," says a source. "But she later pulled over and called a friend to pick her up." Lohan’s rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, confirmed the accident, but had no information on the "Bobby" star’s condition or whether she had filed a police report. Earlier in the evening, Lohan was videotaped outside the hot spot Hyde, sitting in her car while talking to a "mystery man," according to "La Lohan appeared a little upset and teary-eyed under a hooded shirt" before "speeding off, alone," the gossip site said. Lohan was driving a black Benz in May 2005 when a photographer broadsided her with his minivan. Lohan suffered cuts and bruises, and her car was badly dented. Cops booked the lensman for assault, but authorities let him off after deciding he hadn’t rammed into her car intentionally. Five months later, Lohan was speeding away from paparazzi and ran into another van that was making an illegal U-turn. The first car accident helped spur lawmakers and the LAPD to crack down on stalkerazzi. But Lohan is among the photogs’ prime quarry. In another recent wee-hours incident, a sobbing Lohan called police, alleging that two paparazzi had tried to hit her Cadillac Escalade. "She was being hounded," says Zelnik. "She called her mom and cried." Friends fear she could end up like Princess Diana. "I think Lindsay has been hounded by paparazzi more than most celebs," says Zelnik.

Rush & Molloy 

I feel for her on this one because they really do hound her and it does risk her safety.


Paris and Nicole make up, but the Paparazzi fight
October 9th, 2006 under Bad Paparazzi, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton. [ Comments: none ]


Last night we were tipped that PARIS HILTON would be at DAN TANA’S on SANTA MONICA BLVD. in WEST HOLLYWOOD. When we arrived, a TMZ shooter was there. He was a doorguy at HYDE in the past and attacked me, without provocation, and broke my strobe on my NIKON. I complained to the management at HYDE, telling them to check their surveillance video for the truth. Evidently something happened, because the next time I saw him, he was no longer a doorman, but was now a video camera man. When I asked him to compensate for breaking my equipment, he laughed and denied hitting me. I guarantee that he did hit me hard enough to break my flash. My guys and me were the only photographers and videographers there, except for TMZ boy. TMZ boy got on the phone and begged for his buddies at X-17 to come to DAN TANA’s. About ten of them showed up. Blew the exclusive, and pushed and shoved their smelly Brazilian asses in front of our cameras. When will the IMMIGRATION SERVICE and the POLICE check out the people shooting for this agency? We managed to get great footage and stills, no thanks to TMZ or their compadres, X-17. Check it out here along with the stills on PHOTOS OF THE DAY.


This is going to get hot! I side with Celebrities on this one!


Avril Lavigne sincerely apologizes
September 29th, 2006 under Avril Lavigne, Bad Paparazzi. [ Comments: none ]

Avril Apologizes to Fans

In response to reports that Avril Lavigne recently had a run in with paparazzi while spending private time with her husband, Deryck Whibley, she has this to say:
I’d like to sincerely apologize for my behavior with the Paparazzi. It’s trying at best dealing with their insistent intrusions. I meant no offense to my fans, whose relationship i truly value. I have and will always go out of my way for my fans. My behavior was a reaction to the persistent attack from the paparazzi.


Dlisted (photos) 

She was wrong, but I can not say I blame her. Wouldn’t it be funny if more celebs started spitting on the paparazzi? 


Now we know why Justin Timberlake was so pissed at the paparazzi
September 20th, 2006 under Bad Paparazzi, Justin/Cameron. [ Comments: none ]

Cameron Diaz has filed a police report charging a photographer with assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly trying to hit her and boyfriend Justin Timberlake with his car. "On Sept. 19, just after midnight, Cameron Diaz filed a report with the LAPD," officer April Harding tells PEOPLE. "The incident happened on the 1600 block of King Road in Hollywood." According to the actress’s report, "Diaz and Justin Timberlake were leaving a friend’s home when a photographer hiding in the bushes tried to take a photograph of her," Harding says. "They both then chased the photographer for a short distance. "The photographer then got into his car and drove toward both them, causing Diaz to jump out of the car’s way. She felt the driver was trying to hit both of them, and so she filed the report. She’s alleging assault with a deadly weapon, with a vehicle." Harding continued, "No arrests were made. We currently have no suspects, and the investigation is ongoing." On Wednesday, photo agency X17, for which the photographer in question was working, posted a statement on its Web site saying that the photos were taken on a public street and that "the pictures show … at least two people verbally and physically assaulting" the photographer. In the statement, the agency says the photographer was not trying to run Diaz over with his car but was in fact "attempting to leave what he perceived to be a dangerous situation for him and when he tried to do so, Ms. Diaz and at least one other member of her entourage stood in front of his car in an attempt to entrap him." According to the agency, "The photographer is currently in the process of filing a complaint against Ms. Diaz and Mr. Timberlake."

Can’t say I blame him.


Jamiroquai singer arrested for attacking paparazzi
September 12th, 2006 under Arrested, Bad Paparazzi. [ Comments: none ]

Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay has been cautioned for assault after an alleged punch-up with photographers outside a West End nightclub.The 36-year-old pop star was arrested by police after an apparent clash with paparazzi.A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: "At approximately 2am this morning an officer on routine patrol in Upper John Street was alerted to a large crowd of people, including photographers, outside a night club."A man approached the officer and alleged he had been assaulted at the scene. A man believed to be in his 30s was arrested in connection with the allegation and he has been taken to a central London police station where he remains in custody."Witnesses said they saw Kay lash out after leaving Kabaret’s Prophecy in Soho with a friend in the early hours of today. He was alleged to have slapped one photographer and punched another in the head three times, before rounding on police with a volley of abuse."He was out of control, really lairy," said an onlooker. "He clearly had too much to drink and just wouldn’t stop."Kay, 36, appeared convinced that the photographers were waiting for him, when in fact they were hoping for a glimpse of actress Lindsay Lohan, who was also inside.According to witnesses, the singer burst out of the bar yelling "monkeys" at the photographers and "squaring up to them".He was said to have demanded of one photographer, "Are you Italian?" before slapping him and yelling: "Well, you aren’t fast enough."He then allegedly turned on another photographer, Alan Chapman, punching him three times in the side of the head and knocking off his glasses. A friend of the 50-year-old, who works for the Matrix picture agency, said he was left with a bloody nose and a huge bruise on his face.Alessandro Copetti, who also works for Matrix, said: "Kay came out of the club, quite visibly drunk and just suddenly launched a vicious attack on us. He kept calling us ‘gay boys from the south’ and said he could take all of us on."Club security men stepped in and bundled the singer into a waiting car – but as it drove away Kay jumped out for a second round of verbal attacks.This time the police got involved. A passer-by said: "He rounded on them as well, yelling, ‘I pay your wages’. One policeman said, ‘well, everyone here pays our wages’ and Jay Kay just came back with some nonsense, like, ‘you all live in poverty you miserable f***ers’."The officers eventually slapped Kay in handcuffs and led him to a waiting van that took him to Savile Row police station.

Daily Mail 

He must’ve been more pissed they weren’t there for him rather than they were taking his picture.


Drew Barrymore’s message to the paparazzi
August 27th, 2006 under Bad Paparazzi, Drew Barrymore. [ Comments: 1 ]


Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger tell the paparazzi to film this bird
August 15th, 2006 under Bad Paparazzi, Celeb Oops, Dawsons Creek, Heath Ledger/ Michelle Williams. [ Comments: 1 ]

You so have to respect them for telling the paparazzi how they really feel about them shooting her topless. On another note what is up with Michelle William’s bathing suit? 

Grace Jones is back and as crazy as ever!
August 8th, 2006 under Bad Paparazzi. [ Comments: none ]

Wearing a ski hat and a top made out of what appeared to be black clingfilm, Grace Jones produced a bravura performance to overshadow Patrick Swayze’s opening night in the West End.The singer/actress was invited to the aftershow party in Soho and her act was pure Jones. One eyewitness described her look as that of a "Smurf gone wrong". Some suggested that next time the diva gets dressed she should take off the dark glasses first. Then she performed her trademark slap – the one that decked chat show host Russell Harty – not just once, but repeatedly. This time, the target of her affectionate punching was a young photographer. After hitting the paparazzo with her customary vim and vigour, she gave him a kiss and a cuddle. Then she pulled out a middle finger and waved it around – no doubt testing wind direction and speed – before appearing to delve into her blouse and threatening to display her left breast. Jones was accompanied by Viscount Wimborne, to whom she has been engaged for two years. Aged 41, he is 17 years her junior and has earned the soubriquet "Edward Scissorhands" for his unkempt appearance.He is spending £10million on restoring his family’s Northamptonshire estate after inheriting £30million in 1993. Should the couple ever marry, Jones would become the Viscountess of Ashby St Ledgers.

This is London(story and 1st picture) Splash News (2nd photo)

At least she upstaged Patrick Swayze’s opening night. 


Pamela Rock hated the press’ wedding pix selection.
July 31st, 2006 under Bad Paparazzi, Pamela Anderson. [ Comments: none ]


Now I’m definitely rocking the most…MRS ROCK…From Vegas to New York to St. Tropez. I was so happy to finally get here. But now I can’t wait to get away from these paparazzi – I swear they just wait for the ugliest pictures to take. The best most romantic wedding of all time. Rock n roll wedding. Pics will be out soon – from inside the boat that we took. – All love!

From Pamela Anderson’s blog 

The most romantic wedding of all time? Her words, not mine.



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