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Chris Titus Nevervolution is an evolution of laughter!
June 30th, 2011 under Reviews. [ Comments: none ]

A friend of mine made me borrow and watch Christopher Titus’ last tour DVD Love is Evol which was based on his bitter divorce from his ex-wife and what it was like to start dating again. I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions and I can’t remember the last time a comedian did that. I loved his Fox show that was loosely based on his life with his dad and then wife. So when I heard that he had a new CD coming out, I had to have it.
Now that he has moved on from his divorce, he now has a problem with the last decade. So he took the road to share his grief and make us laugh about 2000-today. You can hear all his rants on his new CD Neverolution and you will find yourself agreeing about almost everything he says. He goes off on the Presidents, why we are in such dire straits financially, the new “celebrities” like Parish Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga gets her section and what he says about her is right on. But it isn’t only politics and Hollywood that bothers him, it is something closer to home. He hates the way people are raising their kids these days. When he was growing up his dad was really tough on him and now kids gets awards for just showing up. He tells stories of how tough his dad was and how wimpy the dads of today are. And on that note he goes off on the metrosexual men of today. All of these problems lead to him talking about the pill popping industry and how so many people are on anti-depressants. He is against that. He says with schizophrenic mom who shot her ex-husband, his abusive dad and his bitter voice, he is the poster child for the pills. But instead of being on them, he goes around being an antidepressant. And can I tell you I felt happier after I listened to his CD and I am sure you will to. So run out and by his CD now, it is cheaper than the price of a month’s worth of antidepressants.


The Kids in the Hall come alive when Death Comes to Town
August 20th, 2010 under Reviews. [ Comments: none ]

The Kids in the Hall are back in front of the camera for an 8-episode mini-series on IFC starting tonight at 10p doing what they best, making us laugh!
The quiet town of Shuckton, Ontario is about to come alive when Death Comes to Town. The Grim Reaper is there to take someone and he starts with the town’s mayor. Well technically him, but really he has someone else do his dirty work for him and now the town wants to know who killed their beloved town leader. The five Kids in the Hall play various characters in wigs, fat suits and in women’s attite all to tell the story of why death has come to town. The characters include the mayor’s wife, two female reporters battling it out to be the lead reporter, a 600 pound man who hasn’t left his house since his teens, a coroner who does something interesting with the mayor’s body, a town abortionist and lawyer who won’t let his poor cat die to name a few. During the next four weeks the lives of the people of Shucktown will all intertwine and at the end of it they will all come to together and we will all find out who killed the mayor. By the time we learn the truth we will have laughed at things we shouldn’t have, find out Dave Foley is really a beautiful woman and that the Kids need to be back on series TV.
I seriously didn’t realize how much I missed The Kids in the Hall until I watched this hysterical 8-hour mini-series. They have an unique way of telling a story and they will constantly have you laughing at all the things they do in a way only they can. So whether you are like me and have missed seeing these 5 guys together or this will be the first time you have experienced them, you will want to make sure to watch The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town tonight and for the next 4 Fridays on IFC at 10p.


The Road is a movie well traveled
November 29th, 2009 under Reviews. [ Comments: none ]

The Road is an extraordinary movie with brilliant acting. The movie stars Viggo Mortensen who is trying to get him and his son (Kodi Smit-McPhee) as far south as they can go after the world is mysteriously destroyed. About 7 years earlier, Viggo and his pregnant wife (Charlize Theron) were home when a warning told something was going to happen. What happened we don’t know, but flashing forward seven years most of the world is dead and the few survivors are doing whatever they can do to live another day. When I say the word is dead, the temperature is freezing everywhere, there are no animals left and trees are falling down because they is nothing keeping them alive. Viggo and his family have run out of supplies and they need to move on to survive, so Charlize tells them to go as far south as they can and they venture out into a world that their son has never seen. They walk aimlessly hiding from the unknown survivors who are doing whatever it takes to live and eat what they can. As they walk we see what is left of cities, homes and malls that have been ravaged by what happened and those who were already there trying to find what they can. There is a really cute scene when they go into a mall and Viggo finds a lone coke in a soda machine and he gives it to his son. His son has never had one before and to watch him experience it for the first time (with burps and all) was just amazing to watch. In a time when the world has gone mad, Viggo tries to teach his son right and does whatever he can to protect him. They encounter many people on their path and some evil beats out good, and sometimes it is the other way around. The innocence of a child in a time where no innocence is left. Will they be able to make it all the way to end? You will have to see the movie to find out, but it is much more than trying to make it to a location…it is about making it in a time when barely anyone has.
The Road is an amazing movie that makes you wonder what you would do if you survived the unsurvivable. Would you be good or give in to our animalistic needs? And how would your perception change if you a had young one to protect?
I can see Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee traveling down another road…the road to the Oscars because both of them were just marvelous in this movie and you feel like you are an observer feeling everything they went through. The Road is also a beautiful movie even though everything is destroyed, they way they built what the apocalyptic world would look like is something you can’t take your eyes off of.
If you are looking for a movie that will really make you think, The Road that is out now is a must see.


You will want to Play the Game
August 30th, 2009 under Movies, Reviews. [ Comments: none ]

Play the Game is a sweet movie about a grandson (Paul Campbell) who teaches his recently widowed grandfather (Andy Griffith) how to be The Player at his retirement community. This movie is so darling as his grandfather goes through the ladies and his grandson tries to land one woman. There are a lot of cute scenes with Andy Griffith as he tries to get back on the dating horse. You will be aaahing when you see where he tries to pick up the ladies and ooohing at his techniques he uses after he meets them. As the two play the field, they both realize who they really are and find love along the with way with other women. As they look for companionship there lot of twist and turns with an ending you will never see coming!
Paul Campbell is great as David and I think he can be the next Ryan Reynolds. This is a role that you never thought you would see Andy Griffith in and he is so good in it including the bedroom scene. Who knew he was so charming? Doris Roberts and Liz Sheridan are so cute as his suitors and Marla Sokoloff is great as David’s. Geoffrey Owens and Juliette Jeffers are so funny as David’s BFFs that someone should give them a sitcom ASAP.
At the screening I went to yesterday, the writer/director/producer Marc Fienberg was there doing Q&A after the movie. He told us the movie is loosely based on his 89 year old grandfather who got back in the dating scene and shared everything with him. That is something I can relate to with my dad and I am sure I am not the only who can say that, which makes this movie so much more relevant. Feinberg also told us he landed Andy Griffith and Liz Sheridan for his independent movie. Andy signed on for two reasons, 1 – He doesn’t die at the end and 2 – He gets a sex scene. Liz Sheridan agreed to do it just because she got a sex scene with Andy. How funny is that?
All-in-all Play the Game is one of the sweetest things I have seen in a really long time and highly recommend seeing it with someone you care about like an older relative!


Jam with ABC Family’s Ruby & The Rockits starting tonight!!!
July 21st, 2009 under Freeform, Reviews. [ Comments: 2 ]

ABC Family has been striking gold with its new shows like The Secret Life of an American Teenager, Make It or Break It and 10 Things I Hate About You, and I think the best one is premiering tonight at 8:30p. Ruby & The Rockits is a family show that has someone and something for everyone in your household. It might be because this really is a family show. For the first time all 4 of the Cassidy brothers (David and Patrick star, Shaun created it and Ryan does set design) are working together and you don’t have to be of Cassidy blood to feel like part of the family and that is what I love about it so much.
Ruby & the Rockits is the story of ’80s rock star, David, who finds out one day he has a teenage daughter, Ruby. Not prepared to raise her on his own, he goes to his brother, who he used to sing with back in the day and now they don’t make sweet music together, to help him out. Patrick is now a successful business man and happily married father of two sons. Will he be willing to help his brother out and how will his family feel about have a new member? Being a family sitcom, they will work it out thanks to Ruby and Audie (Patrick’s wife and former-video vixen for them) who will work their magic to get these dueling brothers together and little by little they will do it in funny one liner ways! I can’t wait to see what other antics this non-traditional, but in ways traditional family get in to!!!
Ruby & The Rockits has a lot of true stories from the Cassidy family life in it like David having a daughter his brothers didn’t know about until one day he surprised them with Katie. It is little tales like this that make this show seem a little more realistic, and the humor is just such a bonus. Seriously I can’t get over how hysterical and likable it is. You would think because this show is on ABC Family that the humor would be all like G rated, but let me tell you there are some PG-13 laughs coming up in the future episodes.
Now when it comes to the cast, they are like a true family and I am not just talking about the two real life brothers. They sincerely have an amazing chemistry that takes some shows years to get. David Cassidy is perfect as the former-teen idol rocker and not just because he was one but because his timing and delivery is beyond perfect. He will have you cracking up so hard you might split your tight leather pants. Alexa Vega is so adorable as his daughter, not only can she can act but her voice is as beautiful as her. Patrick Cassidy is great as the former rocker, now perfect dad who longs for yesteryear. Katie Amber Keane really handles being the mom and the mediator between the two brothers well. Austin Butler, who plays the older son Jordan, is the current teen idol of the show and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is on all the teen mags soon because he is going to drive all the teen girls crazy with his looks, acting and singing. But he might have some competition from Kurt Doss, who plays his younger brother Ben, who is the cutest pre-teen boy out there in Hollywood. He will and should give the Jonas Brothers a run for their popularity. Seriously he is so freaking awwwdorable and funny you just are going to love him the second you hear him deliver one of his wisecracks on the show. It really is a dream cast and show that you will find yourself addicted to before the first commercial break!!! And I haven’t even mentioned the awesome ’80s flashback videos that everyone on the cast and crew love putting together. Here is a little tidbit, the clothes that David Cassidy is wearing in them is from his closet of that time and yes ladies he still fits into them!!!
Last week I did a set visit for this delightful show and later today, I will post what the 4 brothers told us about working together next week and following week I will tell you about the rest of non-Cassidy family cast!!! It was a lovely day to go with feel good show!
Please check out Ruby & The Rockits tonight and every Tuesday night at 8:30p for a show that everyone in your family will be able to love and enjoy!!!


Crash into Meteor tonight on NBC!
July 12th, 2009 under NBC, Reviews. [ Comments: 1 ]

Meteor is crashing in to NBC tonight at 9p and you want to be there to watch this 2 Sunday night 4 hour event! Meteor is an action packed suspenseful 4 hour event that also has heart. I am sucker for disaster movies, and I really loved this one. It really is a thrill ride, that you don’t want to end but it has to because otherwise it would be the end of the world.
Meteor starts off tonight with comet crashing into one of the largest Asteroids, Kassandra sending her straight towards us. Christopher Lloyd and Marla Sokoloff are in Mexico and they have the coordinates that can stop her, but they have to get from there to JPL where the meteor specialists are meeting to help stop Kassandra. As they travel north they will deal loss signals, cars dying and death all while pieces of Kassandra are coming down around them and the world. Meanwhile back at JPL they are trying to stop the incoming smaller rocks while waiting trying to figure out when is the best time to hit Kassandra without the help of the two scientists who can stop it. Jason Alexander is at JPL mapping out the best plan and he is great in this dramatic role.
Outside of JPL there is a small town that was one of the first places hit by meteor rock and through this town we see how people deal with this disaster. We see the good, the bad and the ugly come out as they face impending doom. Stacy Keach is great as the town sheriff trying to keep his town together as they lose it. There are few scenes with him that really touched me because it was great to see the people help each other through the crisis. Also in this town is a family that trying to make it through. The mom is a doctor who has to try to save all the people that have been injured by the rocks including a school bus full of kids that included her son. When a meteor strikes the hospital and it falls down around them they are trapped inside but apart from each other because of debris. Her husband and a firefighter risk all to get them out. Kenneth Mitchell plays the dad and he is used to playing end of the world roles after starring in Jericho and he is just as good in this role!
The one storyline I was not in love with is the one where Billy Campbell is a cop who tries to get his crocked ex-partner to turn himself in, but instead of going to jail he plans to hurt the people closest to Billy, his daughter and his dad the town sheriff of that small town, Stacy Keach. Although I didn’t care that much for this part of the movie it all fits together by the end of the movie.
Tune into the beginning of Meteor at 9p on NBC for a movie that will really make an impact!!! And make sure to set your Tivos for next week to see how it all ends because you are not going to want to miss that.


The Nanny Express premieres tonight at 9p!
January 3rd, 2009 under Hallmark, Reviews. [ Comments: 11 ]

By the time Kate Hewitt (Vanessa Marcil) walks through the front door of widower David Chandler (Brennan Elliott), he is a desperate man. His two children, nine-year-old Ben (Uriah Shelton) and teenager Emily (Natalie Dreyfuss), have already succeeded in chasing a string of six terrorized nannies out of the very same entryway. But Kate, who is caring for an ailing father (Dean Stockwell) and finishing up a teaching degree, needs this job and she resolves to stand up to whatever tricks and pranks the Chandler kids can dish out—and to help them cope with the death of their mother.
As Kate slowly wins over young Ben, dad David finds himself falling for the spunky nanny as well. The feeling is mutual, but a bitter Emily is determined not to let Kate into her life—or her father’s. Emily doesn’t realize that Kate understands exactly what she’s going through because Kate lost her own mother as a teenager. Somehow, Kate must find a way to reach the angry and isolated teen since Emily’s happiness—and Kate’s as well—depends on it.

The Nanny Express is a cute story about a woman who is taking care of her sick father takes on a job as a nanny to two kids who recently lost their mother. The kids do not want a nanny and they terrorize them as much as they can, wait until you see what they do to Kate. Eventually Kate starts to befriend the son and more than befriend the dad, but Emily is not ready to let any woman in to her dad’s life. Will Emily eventually be willing to late Kate in or will it be too late and Kate will be out of their lives forever. Tune in to find out.
Also there is another romantic story within this movie about a bus driver, played by the suave Peter Dobson, who has a crush on Kate’s friend who doesn’t seem interested him. Will he be able to win her heart driving Kate and her friend around or will he rides be a lonely one. Personally I wish Hallmark would give this plot its own movie because I really loved it and wanted more!!!
Vanessa Marcil is great the nanny who is not going to let the kids she is taking care of get her down. I also loved the kids play by Uriah and Emily who I bet had a lot of fun making some of the scenes of the movie! It was also nice to see Dean Stockwell and Stacy Keach back on TV! All in all it was a fun innocent movie!
So let The Nanny Express take care you tonight on Hallmark at 9p!!!


Rita Rocks her way on to Lifetime tonight!
October 20th, 2008 under Lifetime, Reviews. [ Comments: none ]

In “Rita Rocks,” Nicole Sullivan stars as Rita Clemens, an overworked wife and mother in the middle of a full-blown identity crisis — which includes trying to maintain romance with her husband Jay (Richard Ruccolo), juggling the demands of her nine-year-old daughter, Shannon (Kelly Gould), and disciplining her defiant teenage daughter Hallie (Natalie Dreyfuss) and her ever-present boyfriend Kip (Raviv Ullman). After being passed over for a promotion at work, Rita is at her wit’s end. In search of “youthful” Rita, she dusts off her old guitar and forms a garage band with her nosy postal carrier Patty (Tisha Campbell-Martin) and unemployed neighbor Owen (guest star Ian Gomez), in the hopes of putting that spark back in her life.

Lifetime who has had huge success with the drama Army Wives, is branching out to sitcoms tonight with Rita Rocks. Rita Rocks fills the hole the networks have left by not doing traditional sitcoms. It is funny and just has that good old family sitcom feel. You know with a married couple trying to make it work as they raise their 3 kids. Their oldest daughter is dating a loser who basically spends all his time at their house and is in Rita’s band! The show deals with all the same sitcom family problems that the other sitcoms have, but you know what that never grows old and they are always funny. The one thing that shocked me is Nicole Sullivan can really sing and the band is really good. I think I might have to go to a show taping just to hear them play!!!
So tune into Rita Rocks at 8:30p every night this week for a show that will make laugh out loud and boogie on down!!!


Let Ladies of the House in yours tonight
October 18th, 2008 under Hallmark, Reviews. [ Comments: none ]

When three friends single-handedly take on the rebuilding of a run-down house, they soon discover that their own lives require an equal amount of renovation.
With their church in dire need of funds in order to maintain its daycare center, the local pastor turns to three parishioners for help: Rose (Henderson), whose beloved husband, Frank (Henriksen) is hiding a serious medical condition; well-to-do Elizabeth (Mills), the haughty wife of an inattentive plastic surgeon (Thomson); and Birdie (Grier), who is trying to adapt to life now that her husband, Stan (Roundtree) a new retiree, is using his free time to be a general nuisance around the house.
The pastor’s solution is to have the ladies oversee renovations of a run-down house that was donated to the church, but with no funds for a proper crew, the women reluctantly agree to take on the heavy lifting themselves, from pipes to paint. As the little house’s upgrades continue, its slow progress mirrors deep personal changes in the lives of the three women, who are forced to make difficult decisions regarding their lives, their past decisions and the future.

Ladies of the House premieres on Hallmark Channel tonight at 9p and this movie will make you laugh, cry and want to grow old with someone. Florence Henderson, Pam Grier and Donna Mills play 3 woman who must fix up a house so they can sell it to raise money for their church’s day care center. These three actresses have amazing chemistry together, and that just draws you more into this movie. Besides the struggles of building the house these three women are struggling with life at home with their husbands. By taking on the house, they are becoming stronger women and their friendship.
So tune in to Ladies of the House, a movie that is perfect for a Saturday night or any night on Hallmark at 9p.


Living Proof is an amazing movie
October 18th, 2008 under Lifetime, Reviews. [ Comments: none ]

“Living Proof” is the true story of oncologist and researcher Dr. Dennis Slamon, the UCLA doctor who helped develop the breast cancer drug Herceptin, and his effort to keep the drug trials afloat. His inspiring journey shows the sacrifices he makes in his personal life and the obstacles that he faces to get the drug approved. Thousands of lives have been saved because of his dedication

Living Proof premieres on Lifetime at 9p and this movie is a must watch. Living Proof is a story about how one doctor came up with a drug that helped women beat a form of breast cancer that used to be fatal before it. This movie shows how hard it is to get a drug passed by the FDA. It shows how hard it is to get the funding and after that you have to get the test subjects. Once you get the test subjects as you move on to different phases not everyone can move on and sending those who can’t to a death sentence. But the few sacrifices will eventually lead to several thousands more being saved.
This movie should be seen because shows the struggles to gets lifesaving drugs passed by the FDA and if the restrictions weren’t so hard maybe more people could’ve been saved earlier.
But besides all of that its a touching movie that will make you laugh, cry and feel inspirational that people don’t give up! The movie stars amazing actors who give award-winning performances like Harry Connick Jr, Bernadette Peters, Trudie Styler, Angie Harmon and Jennifer Coolidge.
So tune in to Living Proof tonight at 8p and after the movie download Harry Connick Jr’s Song for the Hopeful. Sony will be donating money made from the song to breast cancer charities.


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