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The Rock’s Hercules beard was made from the hair of a yak’s rocks.
July 22nd, 2014 under Live with Kelly and Michael, The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

Dwayne Johnson was on Live with Kelly and Michael today, and he talked about the facial hair he has in Hercules. For some reason, he wore a fake beard in the movie that comes out on Friday, but the makeup artists wanted it to look real. So they used real hair to make that possible, and for months DJ didn’t know where they got it from. Then one day, The Rock made the mistake of asking where the hair came from and he found out it was from a Yak’s testicles. I bet he wishes he never asked that question.
I don’t know if he has any kissing scenes in the d!ck flick, but I feel for any woman who had to kiss him wearing the pubic hair of yak. So ewwww.
Would you willingly wear the hair of yak’s testicles on your face? I know I wouldn’t.


Michael Strahan is a pinhead
June 16th, 2014 under Live with Kelly and Michael. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Strahan‘s lower back is hurting him, so to cure it he got some acupuncture done. Instead of sitting on pins and needles, they put one in his forehead. Thus making him a pinhead, literally.
Hopefully his back will be better soon. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more pictures of him like this. Is that wrong?


Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa are dummies
June 11th, 2014 under Anderson Cooper, Live with Kelly and Michael. [ Comments: none ]

Anderson Cooper co-hosted Live with Kelly and Michael with Kelly Ripa today and the two of them got dummies in their image. I can’t get over how much they look like their counterparts. Not only do they look like them, but they also have the same plastic personalities. Ba da Bump.


Jennifer Lawrence pees standing up!
May 23rd, 2014 under Hunger Games, Live with Kelly and Michael. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 7:15 in)

Jennifer Lawrence was on Live with Kelly and Michael (who wasn’t there) today and Kelly Ripa asked her about the blue suit she wears in the X-Men movies. So the Oscar winner told her, that it takes her 3 hours to get into it and that’s down from 8. So the daytime host wanted to know how they cut 5 hours off of her getting ready, and Raven explained the Mystique of it all. Basically she can’t pee when she is wearing it. Thus when she has to go, she pees standing up with the help of a GoGirl. Then Katniss told her that peeing like a man “is really fun. Til they’re drips.” TMI! And that is why we love Jennifer Lawrence because she says whatever she wants whenever she wants.
BTW if you want to know what a GoGirl is, you can watch the video below.


Kelly Ripa takes a Selfie of her butt
April 22nd, 2014 under Live with Kelly and Michael. [ Comments: none ]

Today on Live with Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa talked about a Belfie. A Belfie, is basically a Selfie of the butt. You hold a mirror with one hand and your camera phone in the other and snap the picture. Her demonstration would’ve worked a lot better if she actually had a bum. No offense, but she doesn’t have one. Now Michael Strahan on the other hand, he has one that totally needs a Belfie.
Do you think you are going to switch from Selfies to Belfies? And if you are narcissistic if you take too many Selfies, then what are you if you take too many Belfies? Besides the butt of all jokes! See Kim Kardashian!


Colin Firth teachs Michael Strahan how to do a bloody good English accent!
April 18th, 2014 under Live with Kelly and Michael. [ Comments: none ]

Colin Firth was on Live with Kelly and Michael today and he shared with Michael Strahan the secret for how a Yank can do a perfect English accent. It was a trick the Oscar winner learned when he shot The King’s Speech. First he had the former American Football player say, “Would you like a spot of tea?” as he would normally do so when he is trying to sound like a Brit. Then Firth told him to roll on the ground, stand up and say the same phrase again. What happens next is bloody amazing because he sounds like a true Brit. Who knew that is the technique that would’ve saved Dick Van Dyke from decades of embarrassment due to his horrible Cockney accent in Mary Poppins.
So now that you know what Firth did to sound so perfect in the movie that earned him an Oscar, are you going to try it for yourself? I am so dizzy from trying it over and over again because it works so well. I can’t wait until my English friend comes over from London, so she can hear how much better I am at doing her accent. That is if I can walk a straight line to see her because at the current time it does not seem feasible.
BTW I loved Strahan’s reaction after he heard himself do the British accent the second time around. So awwdorable like him!


Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan do the robot with a robot!
April 15th, 2014 under Live with Kelly and Michael. [ Comments: none ]

Today on Live with Kelly and Michael they had Honda’s incredible Humanoid robot, ASIMO, on the show. Advanced Step in Innovative MObility has made a lot of progress since his last visit on the show. He can now hop on both one foot and two feet and he can do sign language in both Japanese and ASL. If that is not enough, he can also dance better than Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. And did I mention, he really knows how to make an entrance.
They say he is the future and I can’t wait for the future to be here because how cool would it be to have one of those. Yes, he has some bugs, but he can still do a lot of really cool things. It would be nice to have a friend do whatever I tell him to. Right?


Ladies, don’t expect James Franco to pick you up on social media any more!
April 4th, 2014 under James Franco, Live with Kelly and Michael. [ Comments: none ]

Earlier this week it was rumored that James Franco tried to pick up a 17 year old girl on Instagram and today the 35 year old confirmed the story on Live with Kelly and Michael. The Oscar host told them, “Unfortunately in my position, I mean…I have a very good life, but not only do I have to go through the embarrassing kind of rituals of kind of meeting someone, sometimes if I do that then it gets, you know, published for the world so now, you know, it’s like doubly embarrassing.” Kind of embarrassing? He hit on a woman half his age, who isn’t even old enough to vote or drunk. So ewwwwww.


Caption Chandra Wilson on Live with Kelly and Michael
February 25th, 2014 under Caption the Celeb, Grey's Anatomy, Live with Kelly and Michael. [ Comments: none ]

This picture of Chandra Wilson, Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa on this morning’s Live with Kelly and Michael has Caption Me written all over it, so go ahead and do it.


Mandy Pantinkin is reunited with two exes!
February 19th, 2014 under Live with Kelly and Michael. [ Comments: none ]

Mandy Pantinkin was a guest on Live with Kelly and Michael today and they surprised him with not one but two exes.
The last time the Homeland star was on the show, the girl he shared his first kiss with contacted the show to tell him she says hi. Well after the show ended, Sandy and him got in touch and have been talking on the phone ever since although they have yet to see each other. That was until today because the daytime talk show flew her out to meet the man who gave her her very first kiss. The two were so chummy and happy to see each other, you couldn’t help but to smile with them.
Now that they were reunited, it was time for the show to go on…or so he thought. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan asked him if there was anyone else he wanted the show to reunite him with; and he said he college girlfriend, Nori, that he hasn’t been able to find. Well as he was recording a message to the show’s audience to help him find her, she came out to surprise him. It was as though no time had passed between them even though they are both happily married with children. For now? Because their chemistry was so strong. Or I could be confusing his giddiness for something more. Either way this was a really cute interview segment to watch because it was sweet to see the 61 year old serious actor become a happy little boy all over again. How can you not feel happy to see someone transform like that after being reunited with not one, but two exes. Well that is everyone but his wife, although she had all of her exes at their wedding so about time she got see him with some of his.


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