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This is a new way to get crabs down there!
October 12th, 2015 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: none ]

via Kyoot Kids
A father took his daughter fishing and he gave his little girl a live crab to hold. He was so proud of her until… She dropped it and it landed on his crotch, grabbing hold of the thing that made her.
Now I am proud of her and he isn’t as much.


Watch this mom in labor bop bop bop to Whip/Nae Nae
October 7th, 2015 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: none ]

Akilah Wooten was in labor waiting for her baby to come out at Atlanta Medical Genreal, so what did she do to waste some time between contractions? Of course she did the Whip/Nae Nae to pass the time and try to get the baby down. Although it looked like she could’ve come up with a new way to deliver the baby. One more bop and the baby might’ve come out before she Nae Naed.
BTW I am sure she was anything but Silento when she gave birth to her 9 pound, 6 1/2 ounce daughter Erin. That is one big baby!
What happens to babies that born shortly after the mom dances to Watch Me? They become Pee Wee Football players, who don’t know whether to play the game or do the dance!
I do declare that both videos score winning touchdowns.


When Piñatas finally get revenge
October 5th, 2015 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: none ]

via AFV Kids
For hundreds of years, we have been smacking Piñatas with all of might and up until now they have taken it. Well, that stopped when a little boy hit a firetruck over and over with a bat. The red engine smacked him in the head and now he really needs a real ambulance to help him out.
Don’t worry, I am sure he is fine. I bet his dad ripped that thing open and gave his son all the candy he wanted from it. Candy makes everything better.


This is one way to get your kids out of bed!
August 18th, 2015 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: 1 ]

School’s back for millions of kids and that means they can no longer sleep as late as they did over the summer. Which means getting many of them up is really hard to do. Are you a parent on your final nerve trying to wake your children up? Well The Bert Show found a way to resolve that problem. Yesterday, they had a 5 piece jazz band wake up 10 year old Sophie. Today, the cast of Rent sang the theme to Lion King to wake up Katie. Now, both kids will get out of bed as soon as their moms tell them to.
So if you want to get your offspring up to go to class, now you have some ideas. The only problem is you need to find several musicians to help you out. Which is easier said than down.


These movies have Uptown Funk!
August 3rd, 2015 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: none ]

We know that there are a lot of movies that have funk, and now we are getting to see that a lot of them have Uptown Funk. 280 to be exact!
Don Draper Says What is at again by taking one to a few words of dialogue from many films, mashing them together and creating one music video of all of them singing the popular song. Today’s tune is the 2015’s biggest chart topper, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson and it is as funky as the original single.
So sit back and watch this a few times. Then when you are wowed enough by the brilliance, get up and dance to it because that is what it is all about! Because the Uptown Funk is going to give to you. Just watch!


You’ll get a kick out of this camel toe Selfie!
July 8th, 2015 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: none ]

As we know, people will takes Selfies wherever they can and the more original it is, the better. A man saw a baby camel drinking from their mom and he thought it would be a good idea to squat down next to her and wrap himself around her back leg. He was very wrong. But don’t worry, a swift kick in the head will fix that. I think he learned his lesson, don’t you?


The kid is the King of the Pool!
July 7th, 2015 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: none ]

Lazarin Delgado Oviedo took his nephew to a community pool in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. As soon as José Norman’s Cuban Pete came on, Guillermo Gael Delgado Garcia put on a show for everyone. The little boy dances better than anyone I’ve seen on Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.
Too bad Ellen DeGeneres is on a break because I would love to see the Respect girl and him do a dance together. Now that would break the internet.


Attack of the Giant Glitter Spewing Penis!!!
July 1st, 2015 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: 1 ]

There is a movie called One-Eyed Monster that is about Ron Jeremy’s penis detaching from his body and going on a killing spree. Well, if they ever did a sequel to that movie, RFSU came up with perfect star for it.
RFSU is a nonprofit that is about advocating safer sex. According to The Telegraph in Norway, 23,000 people contract Chlamydia there every year, largely because they don’t use condoms. So RFSU came up with an ad campaign that would reach a younger audience and teach them about the dangers of the penis and how it can surprise you when you least expect it. Kind of like One-Eyed Monster.
In order to make their huge penis cum to life, they put a 19 year old man it. When Tønsberg Blad asked Philip Van Eck about playing a gigantic dick, he said, “If I can help others, just by being a dick, there is nothing better.” Sounds like most 19 year old men I know!
But seriously folks, use condoms! They can help save you from the One-Eyed Monster. Ladies, we all know he can sometimes be a very scary beast.


How hot was it in Phoenix?
June 23rd, 2015 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: 1 ]

On Thursday, it was so hot in Phoenix that people were able to bake cookies on their car dashboards. That is exactly what KPNX found out then they did their four hour experiment.
So what does the temperature have to be in order try that home or should I say your automobile? It was 115 degrees. So whenever some says, but at least it is a dry heat. Remember it is hot enough to feel like and act as an oven.
BTW I hope this is a lesson to everyone that you should never ever leave your kids or pets in a car on a hot day.


This man gave his ex-wife half of everything!
June 19th, 2015 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: 1 ]

via Mashable
How many times has a couple gotten divorced and the judge order one of the spouses to give the other one half? Well, a man in Germany took the judge literally, got out the power saw and gave his wife half of the car, half of the TV and the one that broke my heart, half of a teddy bear.
He sent her her half, and put his half on eBay. So if you want any of his half, then bid on it while you still have a chance.
Don’t try this is America, as tempted as you are, because I doubt any judge will find it as funny as you and I do.


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