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Gwyneth Paltrow steams her vajayjay
January 28th, 2015 under Gwyneth Paltrow. [ Comments: none ]

Gwyenth Paltrow took to her Goop web site to tell everyone that she steams her lady part.
The actress talked about going to a new spa and what makes it different than any other one she has gone to in the past. Midway through her post, she said, “We’re burying the lede though, because the real golden ticket here is the Mugworth V-Steam: You sit on what is essentially a mini-throne, and a combination of infrared and mugwort steam cleanses your uterus, et al. It is an energetic release—not just a steam douche—that balances female hormone levels.” Then she added, “If you’re in LA, you have to do it.” I have a four words to say to that, “HELL TO THE NO!”
I like my vegetables steamed, but not my fish. Who was like, steaming your vajayjay is a good idea. It is bad enough to get hot wax down there, I don’t want anything else hot down there. Unless it is a hot guy.
Seriously though, ouch and why??? The site explains all of the benefits, but I would rather live with all the negative stuff in my uterus than have hot water coming up towards it.
Can someone please make Gwyneth Paltrow stop sharing about her vajayay and her a$$? Let her focus on her acting which other people say she is good at. Personally, I can’t stand her stuck-up nasally voice when she talks. I wonder if she is steaming the wrong body part???
To see what the V Steam chair looks like at Tikkun Spa, then click here!


BTWF roles: Gwyneth Paltrow on Columbo
September 8th, 2014 under Before They Were Famous, Gwyneth Paltrow. [ Comments: none ]

via Jimmy Kimmel Live
Before Gwyneth Paltrow was a fat girl in Shallow Hal, she was made her mother fat on Columbo. Finally, something I can enjoy her in because she is still in her, mom, Blythe Danner’s belly, back in that 1972 episode.
She isn’t the only celebrity who got her start that way, Chris Pine also made his acting debut while still in his mother’s belly when she appeared on his father’s show, CHiPs.


I actually agree with Joan Rivers on something
April 18th, 2014 under Bravo, Gwyneth Paltrow, The Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers. [ Comments: none ]

I normally don’t agree with the stuff that comes out of Joan Rivers’ mouth, but I agreed with what she said about Gwyneth Paltrow on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. Rivers was asked by a viewer, what was the worse backlash that she has received for anything she has said on her show, Fashion Police. She made some faces as she told her, “The worst criticism was from Gwyneth Paltrow.” Then she added, “She came and yelled at us. She stood up. She can’t sit down because she has a stick up her rear end.” If ever that joke worked, that was it.
No word how Paltrow responded to slam, but I am sure the stick and her will not be Conscious Uncoupling anytime soon after hearing what Joan said.


Moses Martin’s face says it all
April 8th, 2014 under Gwyneth Paltrow. [ Comments: none ]

Gwyneth Paltrow Instagrammed this makeup free photo of herself with her son, Moses, to celebrate his 8th birthday and I think his face says it all. That’s all!


Chris Martin is tired of all of that Goop!
March 25th, 2014 under Gwyneth Paltrow. [ Comments: none ]

Gwyneth Paltrow announced on her Goop blog that Chris Martin and her are separating after 10 years of marriage. The couple, who were rarely seen together, were seen out as one at two Hollywood events back in January. Although the couple looked happy, we now know they were not.
According to what the actress, the parents of Apple and Moses have been working on their marriage unsuccessfully for a year.

Conscious Uncoupling

It is with hearts full of sadness that we have decided to separate. We have been working hard for well over a year, some of it together, some of it separated, to see what might have been possible between us, and we have come to the conclusion that while we love each other very much we will remain separate. We are, however, and always will be a family, and in many ways we are closer than we have ever been. We are parents first and foremost, to two incredibly wonderful children and we ask for their and our space and privacy to be respected at this difficult time. We have always conducted our relationship privately, and we hope that as we consciously uncouple and coparent, we will be able to continue in the same manner.

Gwyneth & Chris

Seriously, the only surprising thing about this announcement is they lasted a lot longer than we thought.
Finally who do you think she will be linked to first? I don’t think many she could get the men she used to get like Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck. And will she stay in London or will she return to The States?


Gwyneth Paltrow’s face is as pure as water
March 24th, 2014 under Gwyneth Paltrow. [ Comments: none ]

Gwyneth Paltrow Instagrammed a photo of herself drinking water without any makeup on. She might say that she has the butt of a 20 year old stripper, but I think it is evident from all those wrinkles that she has face of a 45 year old woman. She also says that water is “full of healing power”; but it looks like all that smoking she did had the opposite effect on her face.


Gwyneth Paltrow is too good for ‘somebody else’s shower water’?
September 18th, 2013 under Gwyneth Paltrow. [ Comments: 1 ]

Life & Style flexed their muscles and they got their hands on Gwyneth Paltrow’s gym demands. A source told them, “Before she showers, Gwyneth makes someone go into the stall and wipe the entire shower dry!” Then they added, “She refuses to touch what she calls ‘somebody else’s shower water.’” I mean you never know what it is somebody else’s shower water. I mean it could contain things like soap, shampoo, conditioner, dead skin cells?
Now back to the water, the source added that her lips can only touch a SmartWater bottle, a brand the gym doesn’t sell. So they say she makes a staff member run out to get her some while she is there.
And these are not her only demands. The magazine added, her hands and a$$ are too good to touch toilet paper that has been touched by someone else, so she needs a fresh roll when nature calls.
I hope she gets a call from reality and it tells her to get over herself.


Look it’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s 22 year old stripper butt!
June 27th, 2013 under Gwyneth Paltrow. [ Comments: none ]

Gwyneth Paltrow is doing a movie called Thanks For Sharing and I guess we are supposed to be thankful that she is showing off her butt. But personally I am grateful that they make her look like crap. Is it enough to make me go see that movie? Hell to the no, I am not a fan of real life comedies like that because they always come off as long, boring and pretentious to me. I would rather watch a sh!tty horror movie that doesn’t take it seriously because they are more enjoyable any day of the week.


Gwyneth Paltrow talks about her hairless vajayjay
May 12th, 2013 under Gwyneth Paltrow. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 10:00 in)

So Gwyneth Paltrow was on The Kyle and Jackie O Show and the male host asked her bush. So then the Oscar winner told him the whole story. She said she no longer has the ’70s vibe going because now she is like an 8 year old girl after wearing that see-thru dress to the premiere of Iron Man 3. She explained because she wasn’t wearing any underwear that she had to shave because the hairs were poking through. And that is more than I ever wanted to know about her vajayjay, can she go back to her GOOPy talk instead? Because I don’t know anyone who has an Iron Man enough of a stomach to hear that. So ewwwwwwwwww.
BTW I think before Gwyneth put on that dress, her vajayay looked like Kyle’s beard! Yes I am so putting that image in your head because I am pure evil!


Gwyneth Paltrow works a ’70s vibe’ down there
April 26th, 2013 under Ellen DeGeneres, Gwyneth Paltrow. [ Comments: none ]

Gwyneth Paltrow wore a see thru-dress that was so revealing at the premiere of Iron Man on Wednesday that she couldn’t wear any panties with it. So Ellen DeGeneres asked her about it and the daytime talk show host got more than she bargained for. The Shallow Hal star told her, “Well, let’s just say everyone went scrambling for a razor. So I went from being the most beautiful to the most humiliated. In one day.” Then Ellen needed to know more so Paltrow told her, “I work a 70’s vibe. You know what I mean?” So so so didn’t need to know that, did you? Personally I am surprised that she needed a razor because she comes off as so controlling about everything that you would think she would’ve lasered all off a long time ago. Right?
Seriously I wonder if she watches these interviews and sees how we see her? I think she comes off as a nasally b!tch in interviews.
Oh and here is a bonus for you. Ellen DeGeneres asked her to impersonate some singers and let’s just say she whiter and more bland than Wonder Bread as she tries to do her best rap.


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