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BTWF talk shows: Barbra Streisand on The Jack Paar Show
June 26th, 2013 under Barbra Streisand, Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: 2 ]

Before Barbra Steisand was a huge get for any late night talk show, she had to start somewhere and she started on The Jack Paar. How amazing was the nearly 19 year old making her television debut back in 1961?


Babs’ boobs!
April 23rd, 2013 under Barbra Streisand. [ Comments: none ]

Fame Flynet
Barbra Streisand came out for The 40th Anniversary Chaplin Award Gala and so did her cleavage. While her girls look amazing for a 70 year old in a closeup, in the full body shot her chest looks its age. You know because gravity is making her low cut dress even lower.
Still she looks gorgeous for a septuagenarian!


Barbra Streisand and Jennifer Aniston could totally play mom and daughter!
October 18th, 2011 under Barbra Streisand, Friends (cast). [ Comments: none ]

I never realized how much Barbra Streisand and Jennifer Aniston looked alike until I saw the two of them together like that. They could totally play mother/daughter in some Rom/Com that I would never see because both of them irritate me. I know I am in the minority, but that is how I feel about the both of them.
Now back to the women, don’t they look related?


Don’t Barbra Streisand and James Brolin look like they’re posing for prom pictures?
July 10th, 2011 under Barbra Streisand. [ Comments: none ]

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin posed for pictures at yesterday’s BAFTA event and I think the couple look like they are posing for their prom pictures. Can you believe that they have been married for 13 years and 9 days? I never thought they would last this long.
BTW I think Babs looks great in white, she should wear lighter clothes more often.


Remember Barbra Streisand?
November 15th, 2010 under Barbra Streisand. [ Comments: none ]

It has been a while since we have seen Barbra Steisand and the Oscar winner is looking the best we have seen her in years. The 68 year old original Diva came out to the National Museum of American Jewish History opening gala and she is looking like she lost a lot of weight. On that note Hanukkah came early this year with this Hollywood Smorgasbord of three of the biggest Jewish names in the business…Babs, Jerry Seinfeld and Bette Midler. I wonder if Jerry had to stand in the middle so the two Divine ladies didn’t go at it for being the life of the picture? BTW I am on Team Bette!!!


Jennifer Aniston is no Barbra Streisand!
August 4th, 2010 under Barbra Streisand, Friends (cast). [ Comments: 3 ]

Jennifer Aniston posed as Barbra Streisand for Harper’s Bazaar and I think those pictures are bizarre. I would lover to be a fly on the wall when Babs sees these pictures because I am sure she will be unimpressed. There isn’t much the two women have in common except that they both live in Malibu and Bab’s ex-husband played her father-in-law on Friends.
On a positive note at least the Friends star kept her clothes on for the shoot unlike her last few.


What a freaking picture!!!
November 19th, 2007 under Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore, Barbra Streisand, Bruce Willis, Danny DeVito, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Spacey. [ Comments: 1 ]

Where do you start with the people in that picture? I guess you have to start with what Sylvester Stallone, James Brolin, Tracey Edmonds, Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Spacey, Ashton Kutcher, Rhea Perman, Danny DeVito, Barbra Streisand and Demi Moore were all doing together. The celebrities were there to meet with Barbra Streisand following her private performance for The Grand Opening Of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Only Babs can bring them all out and they all look like that had a great time and better yet they gave us such a perfect photo!
BTW James Brolin is where he belongs in the back and hidden away from everyone else! 

Barbra Streisand forgets to wear part of her name
October 28th, 2007 under Barbra Streisand. [ Comments: 1 ]

X17 Online (check them out for video)
Ewwwwww. Barbra Streisand is way too old and big to go out without a bra. She needs to control those dogs ASAP!

Blame Babs for J-Lo’s bad movie choices
December 6th, 2006 under Barbra Streisand, J-Lo. [ Comments: none ]

Singer/actor Jennifer Lopez turned to her idol Barbara Streisand when she needed help figuring out which film roles she should accept. The ‘Waiting for tonight’ singer insists she would love to emulate Streisand’s stellar career path, and was thrilled when she offered up career advice. She explains: "I love her and I have the utmost respect for her as being strong and having survived in this business. "A few years ago I sent her two scripts because I wanted to work with her. When she called back, I was too starstruck to talk to her, so my manager took the call. And you know what she told him? ‘Jennifer’s too good for these.’ "It helped me rethink my whole career. Since then, I’ve only done projects I’ve loved doing."

IOL (story) and Out of Sight Media (photo)

Um…Gigli and Monster-In-Law were good choices? Granted Babs’ choices have not been the best either…Meet the Fockers? So it kind of makes sense why J-Lo is choosing the movies she is choosing


Babs gets hit (literally) with more hecklers
October 31st, 2006 under Barbra Streisand. [ Comments: none ]

Barbra Streisand’s politics didn’t find a wholly agreeable crowd during her Monday concert at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise. As Babs traded political barbs with a George W. Bush imitator, a fan of the songstress who apparently disagreed with her politics pelted her with a beverage. And as her anti-GOP riff ended, another man in the crowd found himself being escorted out of the center as he shouted at Streisand. Streisand shrugged both incidents off, saying some people would do better to buy her records than come to her shows. A similar scenario unfolded during Streisand’s concert earlier this month at Madison Square Garden in New York, during which the singer used the F-word in shouting down a heckler.

Miami Herald 

he he, is it wrong for me to enjoy that a little?


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