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Elba, Idris Elba on the James Bond rumors!
December 27th, 2014 under James Bond. [ Comments: none ]

One of the only good things to come out of the Sony leaks is that the higher ups want Idris Elba to be the next James Bond. Up until now, the Luther star has remain silent. But today he broke his silence and said, “Isn’t 007 supposed to handsome? Glad you think I’ve got a shot!” I don’t why he doesn’t own a mirror because everyone else can see he is handsome enough to play the legendary role!


Sir Roger Moore tells Howard Stern he doesn’t have a 007 down there!
November 12th, 2012 under James Bond. [ Comments: none ]

Sir Roger Moore was on Howard Stern‘s radio show today and somehow the Shock Jock got the best Bond (sorry Daniel Craig and Sean Connery) to talk about his pen!s size. Stern has always said he has a small one and he asked Roger if wished he had moore down there. That was when 007 admitted he is only an inch-and-a-half as he lifted his pinky to show just how tiny he really is. Then Stern asked him if he was embarrassed to be naked around the Bond Girls and he said yes. Poor Roger.
I am sure he was joshing him, and even if he wasn’t there is more that makes a man than the size of his pen!s and Roger brings so much moore to the game. Even at 85 I would still drink martini with him because he is still sexy as he was when he Bond from 1973-1985!


A drunk Daniel Craig asked Sam Mendes to direct Skyfall!
November 11th, 2012 under James Bond, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Daniel Craig was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday and he told the ABC late night host how he got Sam Mendes to direct Skyfall. Bond, James Bond was at Hugh Jackman’s birthday party, having a few drinks and he started talking to Sam Mendes. He figured that he would pick his brain on what he would do with the next Bond movie and then he decided to ask him to do it. Well the next morning he woke up hungover and was like what did I do? He called his producers and lucky for him they liked the idea of the Oscar winner directing the 23rd movie in the franchise. See anything can happen in Hollywood!
Craig, Daniel Craig also told Kimmel about another director who wasn’t as lucky after meeting him. Quentin Tarantino told Craig that he wanted to direct a 007 movie, but nothing came of that. Personally I think he would be an awful choice, so Craig did the right thing.
So directors of the world if you want to direct a Bond movie, just ask Daniel Craig when he is too drunk to realize what he is asking!


Can you believe that Timothy Dalton was a Bond, James Bond?
October 22nd, 2012 under James Bond. [ Comments: 4 ]
Back in the late ’80s Timothy Dalton played the legendary James Bond and now he looks nothing like the sexy spy. He was seen out at the premiere of his new movie Secret of the Wings and his Bond girls are now Disney Fairies. A lot can happen over 23 years to an actor and in his case what can you say to all of these changes?


James Bond is back from the dead in Skyfall!
July 31st, 2012 under James Bond. [ Comments: none ]

I have to admit that when I saw the teaser trailer for Skyfall, I thought the latest Bond film looked like crap. But now that I have seen the full trailer for the newest 007 film, I can’t wait to watch it when it comes out on November 9th. Seriously doesn’t it look like the Bond franchise is back from the dead just like James Bond himself?


Does Skyfall look like it was worth the wait?
May 21st, 2012 under James Bond. [ Comments: none ]

The teaser trailer is out for the much delayed James Bond film Skyfall and I think they should’ve waited a little longer before making this film. There is just something about it that doesn’t feel very Bond, James Bond to me. What do you think of the next installment in the 007 franchise?


BTWF roles: Daniel Craig in A Kid in King Arthur’s Court
August 30th, 2011 under Before They Were Famous, James Bond. [ Comments: none ]

via INF Daily
Before Daniel Craig was Bond, James Bond, he was Kane, Master Kane in A Kid in King Arthur’s Court. He looks the same now as he did when he was 26 in that 1995 movie, but he has much much much better hair now!


Daniel Craig makes a beautiful Bond Girl!
March 8th, 2011 under James Bond. [ Comments: none ]

Today is THE 100th Anniversary of International Woman’s Day and to honor it Dame Judi Dench and Daniel Craig shot the above PSA for Equals?. James Bond wanted to show how equal, but yet how not equal men and women are today, a century later. Even though he became a Bond girl, I think the co-stars got their point across.
Happy International Women’s Day!


We now know what can stop James Bond
April 20th, 2010 under James Bond. [ Comments: 1 ]

For decades we have wondered what could stop James Bond and now we know. It is not explosions, gun shots, falls or Bond girls, but MGM’s financial woes. According to a statement Variety got from Eon Productions the 23rd James Bond is on indefinite hold. Eon Productions said, “Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development on ‘Bond 23’ indefinitely. We do not know when development will resume and do not have a date for the release of ‘Bond 23.'” Hopefully another studio will pick up the franchise because Bond can’t end this way. That and I need to see Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond again because he is just so sexy in the role!


Mel Gibson rejected!!!
November 10th, 2009 under James Bond, Mel Gibson. [ Comments: 2 ]

(photo from WireImage)

Mel Gibson wanted to play Bond, James Bond, but he was rejected by the producer and the screenwriter for the role according to Bang Showbiz!!! They felt, “Bond had to be tall. And so Mel Gibson was too short. But he was a big star. Somebody at United Artists said to me, ‘Call him and tell him Mel Gibson would be great.’ And Cubby said, ‘I don’t want to make a Mel Gibson movie, I want to make a James Bond movie.'” Ha Ha! All of this went down before the Sugar T!ts incident. They knew what we didn’t realize just yet. Although I have to admit they really made the right decision because Mel Gibson was always too rugged to play the suave James Bond. Would you have gone to see 007 with him in it? I know I wouldn’t have because he was never a Bond, James Bond.


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