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Sarah Palin is so dumb. How dumb is she?
June 30th, 2016 under Game Shows, Politics. [ Comments: 6 ]

You would probably think that would be a question on Match Game, and you would be wrong. Believe it or not the former Vice Presidential Candidate turned reality star is going to appear on the ABC game show. Does Sarah Palin have any clue what she got herself into? Which brings me back to my headline.
I wonder how she is going to handle all of those naughty questions they ask. I wonder if the show will have to be more tame when she is on? I wonder how host Alec Baldwin handled the news that she is going to be on the show. Probably made his long microphone even longer. How long is it? So long it can see Russia from his house!
Palin isn’t the only new panelist that was announced today. Jerry O’Connell, Kal Penn, David Alan Grier, Jason Alexander, Leah Remini, Niecy Nash, Randall Park and Nathasha Lyonne will also be filling in the blanks!


This game show news is so hot! How hot is it?
April 28th, 2016 under ABC, Alec Baldwin, Game Shows. [ Comments: 1 ]

It is so hot that Alec Baldwin just got a chubby over it. That’s because ABC is bringing back Match Game and he is hosting it. According to Vulture, the 10 1-hour episodes will air this summer at 10p after Celebrity Family Feud and $10,000 Pyramid hosted by Michael Strahan. The only thing ABC is missing is Hollywood Squares at 7p and then it would be a ’70s game show fan’s wet dream.
Actually I really like that we are getting a full night of game shows, and I hope that the networks will consider doing it in the regular season too. Lord knows that it will do better than what they have now for the most part.

UPDATE: ABC just confirmed the news about Match Game returning on June 26th. In the press release, they reveal that Baldwin is foregoing his salary. Why? He says that, “Hilaria and I are thrilled to donate this fee to arts related charities. And we look forward to having a lot of fun.” Normally, I don’t like him, but this one little notion completely changed my opinion of him. I wish more celebrities who don’t need the money would do things like this. Don’t you?


Good thing you don’t have to know Geography to win Wheel of Fortune
February 18th, 2016 under Game Shows. [ Comments: none ]

Wheel of Fortune is all about solving puzzles, and yesterday Pat Sajak decided to test the contestants knowledge about Geography.
David and Keri solved the Prize Puzzle Round’s puzzle that reads “Gondola Ride Through Venice,” and that meant that their prize is to go here. The host wanted to see if they knew what country they were going to and David said, “Paris.” Then he thought about that and realized Paris is a city and not a country, so he guessed again. This time he said, “France.” Which is a country, but not the one that Venice is in. Keri then asked the Sajak, “Do we still get it?” Thankfully, they do and off to Italy they will be going. And I am sure that David will never ever forget that Venice is Italy.
If this was Jeopardy, David would have to take his wife out for a very expensive Italian dinner in their hometown to make up for his error. But since it isn’t, they will just have to eat Italian food in Italy instead. Good thing the couple went on the right game show for him.


Watch all 3 Jeopardy contestants end up with a big fat 0!
January 19th, 2016 under Game Shows. [ Comments: 6 ]

During Final Jeopardy, Alex Trebeck asked the three contestants, “A 1957 event led to the creation of a national historic site in this city, signed into law by a president whose library is now there too.” Even though all of them were in the positive at the start of the round, they all ended it with a nothing because none of them guessed the correct answer “Little Rock, Ak” and bet all of their earnings.
So what happens on Jeopardy when none of them have any money left? They all go home and three new contestants will be on the next show. Is this the first time this happened? No, but it still fun to watch during the rare occasion when it does happen.


To Tell The Truth, I am excited ABC is bringing back the show!
July 1st, 2015 under ABC, Game Shows. [ Comments: 1 ]

Hot off of the huge success of Celebrity Family Feud, ABC announced today that they are working on a new game show. Actually, it is old one because they are bringing back To Tell The Truth but modernizing it.
The show has three contestants all of whom claim to be same person, but only one of them truly is that person. Four celebrity panelists, including Betty White and NeNe Leakes, will ask them questions and then have to guess who is the real person.
To Tell The Truth will be hosted by Anthony Anderson and his hilarious mother, Doris, is going to be the scorekeeper. ABC says, she will be making fun of her son whenever she can.
The 6 TTTT episodes do not have a launch date, but ABC says it is coming soon. Personally, I am hoping ABC gets rid of their current Sunday dramas and instead does a night of game shows. The huge success of CFF proves it is worthy of being a fall show and I think TTTT has the potential to be a good fit with it.


Alex Trebeck gets jiggy with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme!
June 30th, 2015 under Game Shows. [ Comments: none ]

Recently on Jeopardy, Alex Trebeck asked the contestants, “In the theme to this ’90s sitcom, ‘I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 & I yelled to the cabbie, ‘Yo, homes, smell ya later!'” But the game show host didn’t just read answer, he rapped the part in quotes.
Let’s just say he won’t be switching jobs anytime soon, but it was a really good effort on his part. Will Smith would be proud.


If only Jewish and Christian hymns were this exciting!
May 26th, 2015 under Game Shows. [ Comments: none ]

Jeopardy host Alex Trebeck asked the contestants during Final Jeopardy, “A Christian hymn and Jewish holiday hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 Tony-nominated musical.” Choyon Manjrekar didn’t know the answer, so he guessed the only modern Broadway show he knew. That musical is Kinky Boots. I don’t remember any songs like that when I went to Sunday school. I wish they did, the day would have gone by much faster.
So what was the correct answer? Rock of Ages. Seriously, everyone knows Kinky Boots won the Tony and wasn’t just nominated.
I wish more Jeopardy contestants would have fun with the answers they don’t know like this guy did.


The Price is Right, and this model’s mistake on the show is priceless!
April 3rd, 2015 under Game Shows. [ Comments: 1 ]

Andrea was a contestant on The Price of Right and she had 3 guesses to guess the right amount of a car to win it. She went with the top price and Manuela revealed that it was not the correct one. I guess the model liked removing prices because she accidentally removed the tag below the failed guess to reveal that was the winning price. Drew Carey laughed and then decided instead of doing a retake to give Andrea the car. All Andrea could do was hide in shame, but the host and the contestant comforted her until she came out of hiding.
Andrea might’ve won the car, but Manuela won our hearts. Hopefully, she still has a job! As she should because she gave the game show some great free publicity!


What is one of the worst games of Jeopardy?
March 13th, 2015 under Game Shows. [ Comments: none ]

Jeopardy had a really bad episode yesterday. How bad? Only one contestant made it to Final Jeopardy and Kristin went into it with just $8,400. The other two contestants ended the first two rounds in the negative, so they were eliminated. Brad was only $200 away from 0, but poor Stephanie was $6,800 from being in the positive. Even Wolf Blitzer was like, I can do better than that.
When it comes to Kristin, she won the game but she got the final question wrong. Thankfully, she didn’t bet it all or the episode really would’ve been a big fat zero.
So you have to wonder about this episode? Were the questions really hard or were the contestants really dumb. I guess, “What is really dumb?” And to be really dumb on Jeopardy still makes you smarter than most.


WhaT’s going on aT Wheel of ForTune?
February 18th, 2015 under Game Shows. [ Comments: none ]

This week, not one but two contestants on Wheel of Fortune made some incredible correct guesses. Both of them were able to do it with just the letter T on the board. Shawn figured out “Training for a Triathlon” with 3 just three Ts up there and Rufus got “Championship Match” with just one.
I am not sure whose guess was more impressive, so I will say it is a tie or toss-up. Two puzzles, I am sure they would be able to solve because both words have a T in them.


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