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Donald Trump and Dolly Parton get their ‘hair’ wet for the ALS IBC!
August 28th, 2014 under ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Dolly Parton, Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge got popular, I have been wanting to see two people do it. Today, Donald Trump and Dolly Parton heard my prayers and let their hair get wet for ALS.
In a millions years, OK since the viral sensation is dying down, did I expect either one of them to accept it. However, today both of them braved the water and we got see what their ‘hair’ looks like when it’s drenched.
I honestly thought that Donald Trump was going to look like Cousin It from The Addams Family, but sadly, he didn’t. In fact, it didn’t look like that front section was that long. So how does it create his look? Some mysteries I guess will always be left to the unknown. But there was one mystery solved today, and that is that Trump’s hair is real because fake hair could not have survived that.
Now when it comes to Dolly Parton, the Country Crooner, is just so gosh darn cute. Plus, her wig really held up to the challenge and stayed on. And you boys got to see her in a wet T-shirt. Something I am sure made you guys really happy.
Happy as I am that they accepted the challenge and donated money for a good cause.


Donald Trump’s hair continues to amaze me!
June 3rd, 2014 under David Letterman, Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

Donald Trump was on The Late Show yesterday and he had a little message for David Letterman. I have no idea what it says because I can’t stop looking at his hair. Seriously, how long must it be to create that flip so far away from his head. He probably gives Crystal Gayle a run for the money when it comes to who has longer hair. And her’s is down to the floor.


Donald Trump claims the cast is almost set for Celebrity Apprentice
November 15th, 2013 under Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

Even though NBC has yet to announce that there will be another season of Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump announced on Twitter today that he has pretty much cast the show. If he considers that names like Vince Neil and Shanna Moakler are amazing than he is more out of touch with celebrity reality than we think.
When it comes to the competition show, I hope that NBC brings it back because I have to admit I like it. I just hope that if they do bring it back, it is only on for an hour because the two hour shows drag on and on and on. We don’t need an hour of the boardroom deliberations. Even the best ones get boring after 15 minutes. Plus no one wants to sit through that much Trump.


Vince Neil and Shanna Moakler doing Celebrity Apprentice?
October 24th, 2013 under Donald Trump, Shanna Moakler/Travis Barker. [ Comments: none ]

NBC has yet to announce that they will be doing another season of Celebrity Apprentice, but that isn’t stopping the rumors of who might be doing the show. Norm Clarke is reporting that Vince Neil is telling people in Las Vegas that he will be on the show’s upcoming season. Not only is the columnist reporting the singer will be in the boardroom, he also says that Shanna Moakler might also be vying to be The Celebrity Apprentice.
If this is true, then it looks like this season’s contestants are shaping up to be a Motley Crue. Sorry, it was too easy!


A closeup of Donald Trump’s hair!
June 20th, 2013 under Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

Fame Flynet posted some closeup pictures of Donald Trump’s hair from the front and from the side. Well I found myself analyzing it as anyone would, and I still can’t explain it. Can you? It is like the 9th Wonder of the World.


It is battle of the men with ponytails for winner of Celebrity Apprentice
May 19th, 2013 under Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p Penn Gillette and Trace Adkins are vying to be the winner of Celebrity Apprentice, but only one of them will be #1 All-Star on the NBC show. If they are truly going by the sales of the ice cream, then I would have to say that Trace (my choice) is going to win because I can’t find his ice cream anywhere near me. I was able to find a few of Penn’s at some of the stores, but I had no luck with Trace’s. But we know it isn’t only about the sales of the Delish Ice Cream, and tonight we will find out what Donald Trump was looking for from his All-Stars to be his #1 man!
I was on a conference call with the three men and each of them described what they admired about the other one. The country singer said “I just straight up from an animalistic caveman type of view of this whole situation Penn Jillette is probably, no offense Mr. Trump, probably the most brilliant individual that I have in my rolodex. Just I’ve been a fan of his and friend of his for a few years now and I’ve just had the most respect for the quality of work that he’s done over the year and, you know, he’s a smart, smart guy; multi-talented, you know. That’s enough accolades for him.”
So what did the Vegas Magician have to say, he said “Trace is wicked smart; very, very talented; has the best voice in country music; and he’s also honest. And that is a quality that can be lost on this show and I think that, you know, if there’s one thing this show can be proud of I think it’s that someone as honest as Trace can do this well on the show. It kind of shows that the backstabbing and the disingenuous spins doesn’t necessarily get you to win. And I love that and I’m proud about that.”
And what did Trump have to say about both men, he said ” One thing that is a little bit different is these two guys I believe really like each other. Usually we have people that get into the finals that don’t like each other. I usually like that better by the way but I won’t say that. But usually we have people that do not like each other in the finals. These two people really like each other.”
Although if Trace would’ve had his way when he was picking his team in the first episode, we might’ve had a different final two. As he explained, “I’m not really surprised but I have to say from day one when I showed up and I got to peruse the cast I thought if I was going to win this thing that Penn was going to be the man I was going to have to beat. And that’s why I chose him first when I was given the opportunity to choose my team I picked him. And then I was going to pick Omarosa and use her to dispatch Penn. But Bret picked her and I knew immediately he’d made a mistake and she cut his throat the first week.” Could you imagine Omarosa going after a man who is twice her size? He might be one of the few people who could magically make her disappear.
So even though tonight is the season finale, Trump says he already casting for next season. Even though NBC has yet to confirm it is happening.


Donald Trumps asks if he should change his hair?
March 11th, 2013 under Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on The Celebrity Apprentice before Donald Trump announced who won the challenge, he asked the All-Stars if he should change his hair. In a word “YES!!!”
Not only did he ask if his hair should be styled more like his son Eric’s, he also spent some time joking about how it’s real and not a comb over. As he put it is a “comb back, forward and back.” So that is what it is? Now we have a better understanding of what that thing is that lives on the top of his head.


Donald Trump was surprised Bret Michaels returned for Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars
March 3rd, 2013 under Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

Celebrity Apprentice is back on NBC tonight at 9p with an All-Star edition. They are Trace Adkins, Dee Snider, Dennis Rodman, Omarosa, Penn Jillette, Gary Busey, LaToya Jackson, Lil Jon, Stephen Baldwin, Marilu Henner, Lisa Rinna, Brande Roderick, Claudia Jordan and Bret Michaels. And it should be an interesting season.
Recently I was on a conference call with Donald Trump to talk about this season and I asked why this group of All-Stars. He said, “It has just been a chemistry thing. We wanted the right chemistry. You never know if it’s going to work but we picked people and the chemistry really did work.” He explained to someone else on the call, “Well it just seemed good. You know, we’ve had so many people that have done so well on the show. They didn’t win but they did really well and they were really liked by the audience because ultimately it is about them being liked by the audience.”
But there is one winner who returned to play the game and Trump told us how he reacted when he heard Bret Michaels coming back. He said, “Bret already won it. And to be honest I was a little surprised that Bret, because the others are sitting next to me as my advisors, the other winners. And Bret really wanted to go on the show and really make a lot of money for his charity and that took a lot of courage.” Then he added, “As somebody that won the show, I was surprised. I don’t think I would have done it. But as somebody that had won the show and then to go back for a second I think took a lot of courage. And he did that because of his, you know, you raise a lot of money for your charity. And I think it’s going to end up being very good for him too. We’ll see how that all turns out.”
He also summarized the rest of the cast before highlighting just one of them. The Firer said, “Well it’s a strong cast. It’s a very smart group of people. They’re people that have done well in life and also in the show, for the most part in the show and in life in all cases. It’s a very nasty show.” Then he explained why, “I mean, there are some deals, Omarosa is extremely nasty I can tell you. I’m a big fan of Omarosa by the way, I love Omarosa. But she was brutal.”
We will have to tune in tonight and every Sunday at 9p to see just how brutal she is and how the rest of the All-Stars do their second time around Trump Towers. I know I am looking forward to it because this is just one of the very few competition shows I am still watching. I only watch this one, Hell’s Kitchen and that’s it and I used to watch almost all of them.


Donald Trump’s comb-over revealed!
November 6th, 2012 under Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

For decades we have pondered about the wonder that is known as the Donald Trump‘s hair and now with one picture of him voting we understand it a little bit more. The tycoon was bent over as someone took a picture of him voting, for who I assume was Roseanne Barr, and we got to see what is probably one of the longest comb-overs in the world. You can see where the front of his hair is flipped back like a pompadour to cover the top of his head. What is under it, like maybe that is where he probably keeps a lot of his money, is a still a mystery. That is something that only him and his hairdresser know.
So we might not have gotten Obama’s college and passport records like he would’ve liked, but we got a glimpse of his hair secret which I think is worth so much more than $5 million.


Donald Trump is a bigger joke than his hair
October 25th, 2012 under Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday Donald Trump made Barack Obama the offer that if he releases his college and passport records, he will donate $5 million
to the charity of the President’s choice. Well the offer was such a joke, that almost every late night show made fun of the man with the worst hair in the world. Jay Leno actually had The President on The Tonight Show and asked him about Trump. Stephen Colbert made the mogul an offer on The Colbert Report that I hope he doesn’t refuse. Although I would love to see Colbert’s face on the Colbert Report if he says yes. On Jimmy Kimmel Live they made it into an animated Charlie Brown holiday. Conan O’Brien had some good jokes about it. And even overseas NMA animated the tale and actually made Trump’s hair look better.
So does the boss of Celebrity Apprentice realize what a joke he became? Nope he is only retweeting the positive spins on his ludicrous offer. I don’t know what is in the hairspray he uses, but I hope he never stops using it.


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