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What was Hilary Swank drinking?
January 1st, 2016 under Hilary Swank. [ Comments: none ]

A video posted by Hilary Swank (@hilaryswank) on

A video posted by Hilary Swank (@hilaryswank) on

Hilary Swank danced her way into the New Year, in a way that really makes you wonder what was in the punch. The two time Oscar winner did one dance without a fish head and one with it. Why? Again, we are back to the whole punch thing.
But hey, that is what NYE is all about! Party like no one is watching and then some!


Hilary Swank’s daring dress
March 8th, 2010 under Hilary Swank. [ Comments: none ]

For some reason two-time Oscar winner, Hilary Swank was not at the Oscars, but that didn’t stop her from going to the Vanity Fair party in a dress that left very little to the imagination. I wonder if she wore that dress to show those who didn’t invite her to the Academy Awards that Girls Don’t Cry, they just looking stunning in a barely there gown. If she was at the show, she would have been the one that everyone would have been talking about because no one really wowed at the show like that! Way to make a statement when a statement needed to be made!
BTW I want to know what she used to keep that dress in place.


Amelia doesn’t look that good
June 26th, 2009 under Hilary Swank. [ Comments: 1 ]

I have always been a big fan of Amelia Earhart, so when I heard they were doing a movie about her I got excited. Then when I heard they cast Hilary Swank my excitement started to cool, but that could be because is something about her that just turns me off. Finally after seeing the trailer, I will wait until this movie is on cable before I see it. Seriously that movie looks like a two and half hour snoozefesst.


Hilary Swank has a growth removed
September 17th, 2008 under Hilary Swank. [ Comments: none ]

Hilary Swank was recently hospitalized and had a growth removed according to People.

The Oscar-winning actress, 34, was “experiencing some discomfort and went to see her doctor, who prescribed an immediate course of action that included a brief hospitalization to remove a small, benign growth,” manager Jason Weinberg says.
“Her condition has been resolved and there are no continuing health issues, with the exception of some short-term rest and recuperation,” he says.

Is it just me because they were so vague, doesn’t it leave you wanting to know more?


P.S. I Love You mom!
December 10th, 2007 under Hilary Swank. [ Comments: 2 ]

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler all took their moms to the premiere of P.S. I Love You! Seriously how sweet is that and how much fun do they are all look like they are having. 

Oprah Winfrey cuts off Hilary Swank’s hair today
November 2nd, 2007 under Hilary Swank, Oprah Winfrey. [ Comments: none ]

Today is the day that Oprah Winfrey cuts off Hilary Swank's hair. Hilary is donating her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths to help women who lost their hairr due cancer treatment. Not only will Hilary be getting a new look, 100 other people on Oprah's show will be getting makeovers too. BTW I think once Hilary's hair is styled it is going to look really amazing. Way to go Hilary Swank!

Hilary Swank takes flight as Amelia Earhart
October 16th, 2007 under Hilary Swank. [ Comments: 1 ]

Page Six is reporting that Hilary Swank has signed on to play the legendary female pilot Amelia Earhart. Earhart went missing never to be heard from again in 1937 while trying to fly solo around the world.
Swank will be getting Earhart's short do later this month when she appears on Oprah to donate her locks to Pantene's CareFair. CareFair donates human hair wigs to women who lost their hair to cancer. Good for Hilary.

BTW I am really excited for this movie because I am a huge fan of Amelia Earhart’s!


Boys Don’t Cry, but girls do…when they get a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame
January 8th, 2007 under Hilary Swank. [ Comments: 1 ]

She looks great, but what is up with that pose? 

So how bad does Hilary Swank look after getting hit by a suspender?
November 6th, 2006 under Hilary Swank. [ Comments: none ]


Hilary Swank got through filming the Oscar-winning boxing movie Million Dollar Baby scratch-free. But on the New York City set of her new movie, P.S., I Love You, she didn’t fare as well. Reports say on Nov. 2, she suffered a gash above her eye when one of co-star Gerard Butler’s suspenders snapped during a striptease scene, halting production for the day.

Life & Style Weekly

I feel bad for the actor who’s suspender hit her in the head because you know he is never going to live it down. 


James “Spike” Marsters digs his teeth into a romantic drama!
September 27th, 2006 under Hilary Swank, Movies. [ Comments: none ]

James Marsters, best known for playing vampire Spike on TV’s "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel," has joined Hilary Swank in the romantic drama "P.S., I Love You." Based on the best-selling Cecelia Ahern, the Warner Bros. release centers on a grieving young widow who discovers her late husband has left her a list of tasks revealed in 10 monthly messages that are intended to ease her out of grief and transition her to a new life. Marsters will play the late husband’s best friend. Gerard Butler also stars. Shooting is set to start in mid-October in New York and Ireland. Richard LaGravenese ("Living Out Loud") directs.


I so love him, but it freaks me out not to hear him with an English accent!


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