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Complications is an adrenaline rush!
June 18th, 2015 under USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

Complications checks into USA tonight at 9p and you don’t want to miss this heart pounding drama. Dr. John Ellison (Jason O’Mara) is your normal ER doctor, but his whole life is about to change.
His daughter recently died from cancer and his wife and him are dealing with her death differently. One day, his dog finds a squirrel and it looks like he injured it. John’s wife insists that he brings the squirrel to animal control to try to save. As he is driving there, he pulls over and finds out that the rodent died. As he is parked, he hears some gun shots and young boy is left bleeding to death. He runs over to save the kid, and the people who shot him are coming back to finish the job. John sees a gun and she shoots at the two people in the car and kills them. You would think that would be enough to change his life, but that is just the beginning.
The father of the boy he shot is in jail and he is a gang leader. The people who shot the kid, will do anything to finish the job. So now the doctor has to try to hide him, but he doesn’t know where. Gretchen (Jessica Szohr), a nurse at the hospital, offers to help him out, but now John owes her. What John doesn’t know is that she has a crazy life, and he is going to regret getting mixed up with her.
She isn’t the only madness added into his life, the boy’s father’s gang is also now a big part of his life.
His normal life is being turned upside down and it is a thrill ride you want to get on. I don’t think I can properly explain how awesome this show is because it is complicated to describe, but it is surprisingly addictive.
I was not expecting to like this show, but within in a few minutes you will be as hooked as I am. USA sent out the first 5 episodes and I have wanted more ever since I binge watched it. Complications is this summer’s most exciting show, so tune in for it tonight and every Thursday at 9p.


Royal Pains is back with a proposal and a baby?
June 2nd, 2015 under USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

It is lucky 7 for Royal Pains tonight at 10p on USA and it looks like it is going to be another exciting year for HankMed!
When we last saw our Hamptons crew they were asked by Boris (Campbell Scott) to be on the Hamptons Heritage’s board and they agreed. Tonight’s episode picks up a little after that and they are adjusting to their new responsibility. Hank (Mark Feuerstein) feels like there is one thing he needs to do and that is propose to Charlotte. He isn’t the only make some life changes, Evan (Paulo Costanzo) and Paige (Brooke D’Orsay) just bought a new house and she finds out she has a baby on the way. Talking about babies, Divya (Reshma Shetty) is trying to work out a custody deal with her ex-husband and things are looking good in favor.
Things seems to be going their way, but how long will that last? Be prepared for several shocking moments that will set up the rest of the season.
If having all of that wasn’t enough for them, they are still working on cases and tonight’s is one that a lot of viewers will be able to guess the diagnosis just from her symptoms. It will hit close for a lot of the audience. Be prepared to have the tissues ready for this one.
Summers are always a little hotter when Royal Pains comes back to TV, so get ready for the temperatures to start rising again after tonight!


It’s time for White Collar’s final heist
December 18th, 2014 under USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on USA, White Collar bids Au Revoir. So do the two stars of the show think that the series finale will leave their dedicated fans happy? Tim DeKay said, “I’m very satisfied with the ending of the series.” Then he added, “One can never be satisfied with the ending of a project that they loved but creatively since we had to end it I feel that we gave a great exciting twist and ending that will surprise I believe everyone.” Does his co-star Matt Bomer feel the same way? Neal Caffrey said, “I was really satisfied in some ways and in some ways I would have been interested to explore other avenues as well.” Then he explained, “I mean I think there was still directions to go. But I think the way they wrapped it up was really well done in the sense that they didn’t try to tie everything up into a nice bow. They really left some things open ended and left a lot up the viewer’s imagination which I always think is more potent than anything you could put down on a piece of paper.”
And talking about things being wrapped up really well, what about those suits? Peter Burke got to take some home with him, while Bomer did not but he will miss being dressed up in them.
So what did DeKay and him take home from the set? Matt took home a painting of a Harem and an old map of Manhattan that was in his character’s apartment. He also grabbed the bust of Socrates and gave it to the show creator Jeff Eastin. Tim also took a painting that was just outside of his partner in crime’s apartment that was barely seen and two badges that belonged to his character.
What will we take away from White Collar? A lot of great memories about two men who conned our hearts into loving them. Thanks for the memories; I just wish you could’ve stayed around a little longer. Til we meet again, Au Revoir.


Make a date with Chrisley Knows Best, no chaperone needed!
October 14th, 2014 under USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

Chrisley Knows Best is back on USA tonight at 10p with 2 new episodes and they are just as crazy as ever!
Tonight at 10p, Julie goes back to work and she leaves Todd in charge of the house. Which isn’t the best idea. She tells him to make some lasagna for dinner, but he has no idea what he is doing. Will they have a homecooked dinner or will they be going out to eat.
On that note, 16 year old Savannah was asked to go on a date by Spencer, 19, who is a former American Idol contestant. Todd will do everything in his power to stop this from happening. When he can’t, he insists that his mother goes on the date as their chaperone. How does it go? You just have to see it, to believe it.
Then at 10:30p, Julie and Todd leave the kids alone overnight because she has some business to do in South Carolina. Well when the parents are away the kids will play. Eight year old Grayson sees this as a money opportunity, so he bribes his older brother, Kyle, for his silence. Reluctantly Kyle gives in and now it is time for them to have some fun. That is until Julie and Todd call the kids to them that their plans changed and they will be home in 45 minutes. Will the kids be busted or will they get away with daring to disobey their parents?
Chrisley Knows Best is a reality show, but it is so over-the-top you would think it is scripted. That is why this show is so much fun to watch.
I also think that families should watch this show together because it will make you appreciate them a little more. I honestly don’t know if I would be able to handle Todd as my father, could you?


Just when you thought that Matt Bomer couldn’t get any cuter?
August 16th, 2014 under ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

Matt Bomer is the latest celebrity to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Instead of pouring the freezing cold water on his head, he had his three sons, Henry, Walker and Kit, do the honor. Between their giggling and his shock, this is the cutest one of them all.


Two royal pains guest starring on Royal Pains!
August 7th, 2014 under USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

I have been a fan of Royal Pains since day one, but this season has really disappointed me. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, they announced today that Khloe Kardshian and Scott Disick will be on the season finale of the show. According to USA Network, they will be playing themselves because, I guess, that is the only type of acting they can do. Then the release added, “the two pop culture icons are having dinner at a local hot spot when they are recognized and Hank’s (Mark Feuerstein) girlfriend Charlotte (recurring guest star Gillian Alexy) asks Evan (Paulo Costanzo) to make an introduction.” So Hank’s formerly blind girlfriend, who just got an operation to see again, is the one that recognizes them. You’d think she would use her new-found sight for better things, like appreciating the beauty that surrounds her in The Hamptons like the ocean. I guess not.
Dear Royal Pains writers, Can we work on making the show great again? Let’s start by getting rid of Emma and Divya’s baby. Also, try to focus more on the cases and less on all that other BS you added this season like Evan getting in with the mob, Paige’s job, Jeremiah’s love life and so on. It’s really distracted from a once great show. Thanks!


USA and FX take on infidelity tonight in two different ways
July 17th, 2014 under FX, USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

Russ (Nat Faxon) and Lina (Judy Greer) have been Married for a while, and after 3 kids they are getting bored with each other. So tonight at 10p on FX, she tells him to have an affair to get it out of his system. Which is easier said than done. Each week, he will try to get it out of his system as she tries to ignore what’s happening. And yet through it all, they makes things work in their redefined marriage.

Then at 10:30p on FX we meet a couple who meets at a wedding on You’re The Worst. Jimmy Shive-Overly (Chris Geere) is thrown out of his ex-girlfriend’s wedding when he tells her what he thinks of her. While he is outside taking a drag, he meets Gretchen (Aya Cash) who’s the bride’s sister’s friend. The two of them go back to his place and have sex. Even though they both say they don’t want a relationship they keep meeting up for sex. Hey couples have started out in stranger ways, right?

Over at USA at 9p, we meet Rush. You know the USA show Royal Pains, well in ways this show is the opposite. Hank goes to help people who need help and it’s all on the up and up. Well, Rush (Tom Ellis) helps people who have something to hide. Like people who have been shot in suspicious ways or celebrities beat up their lovers. Even though Rush says you shouldn’t get involved emotionally, he still does. How will that effect him? We will have to tune in.

Then at 10p on USA it is time for a married couple who don’t get Satisfaction with each other. Neil (Matt Passmore) works a lot and doesn’t have time for his wife, Grace (Stephanie Szostak). One day when she meets a gigolo, she winds up having sex with him. Neil finds his phone after catching them and winds up keeping it. When the mobile rings, he picks it up. On the other line is a woman who is going through the same thing as his wife. So he goes and meets her and the two of them have sex. He realizes he can make money doing this, so he starts doing it as a side job. It’s all fun and games until he recognizes the number on the phone that’s calling him. How will his wife and him make this work? We shall see.


Suits suits up for a very different season!
June 11th, 2014 under USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

Suits is back on USA tonight at 9p and there are a lot of changes coming to the legal drama this season.
The show picks up 3 months after the season 3 finale and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is dealing with life at his new job. Things are not going as well as he thought at the hedgefund and now he is going to need his old boss, Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) help. But when the student goes to his mentor for help, a difference of opinion puts them odds. Mike’s girlfriend, Meghan (Rachel Elizabeth Zane) is the one who suffers the most because she now works for Harvey and he’s using her as a pawn in their game.
Will the dynamic duo be super again or has their relationship crash and burned forever? You have to tune in to find out.


If I could hug the Psych series finale, I would!
March 26th, 2014 under USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on USA, Psych says goodbye after 8 great seasons.
Shawn (James Roday) has decided to move to San Fransisco to be with Juliette (Maggie Lawson), and now he just has to figure out how to tell everyone including his BFF Gus (Dule Hill). Shawn asks his dad (Corbin Bersen) how to break the news to Gus, and Henry tells him to let his partner in crine solve a case because hearing bad news during something good makes it easier. When that doesn’t work, Shawn has only one to do it and it is sweet.
During tonight’s series finale there will be laughs, tears, surprises that are top gun and plenty of screams from Gus.
The episode is sincerely the perfect sendoff for this show, that I think that all other shows that know they’re end is coming should watch this to find out how to do it right. The only thing that would make it perfect, is if the show wasn’t really ending and if a certain mentioned person actually appeared on the show tonight.


White Collar sentenced to a 6 episode final season
March 20th, 2014 under USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

USA is set to announce that White Collar will be ending after this shortened six-episode sixth season according to Deadline. The online trade says that even though the show was still successful, it was just too expensive for the network to keep.
As extremely sad as I am to see the show go, I am sure the two leads will be happy to move on. Matt Bomer will have more time to pursue a movie career and Tim DeKay can return to the West Coast to be with his family. During a conference call last year, when I asked DeKay how much longer he could do the show, he hinted that he might not renew his contract when it was up after the 7th season. If the show filmed closer to his home, he also implied he would’ve done the show as long as it lasted.
Personally, I really think USA is making a mistake by not spending a few extra buck to keep this show going. Their new dramas have not proven to be breakout hits like this one still is. With White Collar set to end and Psych ending next week, Suits and Royal Pains are the only dramas I will still be watching on the network. Which doesn’t sound that bad; but considering I used to watch all of their original programming, it is.


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