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The first five minutes from The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story!
August 22nd, 2014 under Lifetime, Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: 2 ]

We have anxiously been waiting for months to see the beginning of The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, and today Lifetime released the first five minutes from the telemovie.
After watching those first few minutes, it looks exactly how we knew it was going to be. It’s going to be so bad that it is like going to be like totally awesome. It is like, for sure, going to sweep the Emmys next year.
Seriously, I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited for September 1st. I can’t wait to learn even more about the lives of our favorite high schoolers from the ’90s when the cameras weren’t rolling.
Tell me I am not the only one who is doing a Jesse Spano over this movie, especially after seeing how it all starts out. I am so having a Zack attack as I type!


Do today’s teens want to be Saved By the Bell
August 11th, 2014 under Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: none ]

Twenty-five years ago, teens all over the world were obsessed with Saved By the Bell and Fine Bros wanted to know if today’s teenagers feel the same way about the show. In a word, no.
The boys and the girls that they interviewed hated the clothes, the hair, the stories, the theme song, pretty much everything about it. Which is kind of sad because SBTB is pretty much like those shows on the Disney Channel, and I think they are checking out those silly sitcoms. Which I am not proud to admit I also like. Dang you, Girl Meets World.
Even though I disagree with them about the show, they did have some valid points. That Jesse Spano over the top caffeine high scene was extremely funny, so I found their reactions to it highlarious. I also love that pretty much all the girls chose Zack over Slater. Right now Mario Lopez is hunched up in a corner somewhere over this video. Actually, I am pretty sure the cast of the Saturday Morning sitcom are more upset over the September 1st Lifetime unauthorized movie than this Q&A.


The first clip from The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story is poison
August 8th, 2014 under Lifetime, Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: none ]

Lifetime released a sneak peek from The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story and the telemovie that debuts on September 1st is going to be an instant classic. I have a feeling it is going to be this year’s Sharknado. As in so bad it is the best thing to happen to television in a while!


I’m so excited for The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story telemovie!
June 19th, 2014 under Lifetime, Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: none ]

Photo Credit: Sergei Backlakov/Lifetime

On September 1st, Lifetime is going to air The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story and I am Jessie Spano excited for it.
The telemovie is a behind the scenes look about how 6 teens went from no names to household names almost overnight. So how do you experience the high life while being told to be good? That is what this movie is going to tell us.
Now before you start playing the casting game, the movie that has being filmed right now has already been cast. Here is what Lifetime said about that:

With casting by the original series’ casting director, Robin Lippin (Lizzie McGuire), Dylan Everett (Degrassi: The Next Generation) is set to play Mark-Paul Gosselaar in the role of mischievous ringleader “Zack Morris.” Sam Kindseth (Shameless) is Dustin Diamond, everyone’s favorite geek and loveable sidekick “Screech.” Julian Works (Paranormal Activity, Modern Family) fills the shoes of superstar Mario Lopez as the hunky jock “A.C. Slater.” Alyssa Lynch (The High Jumping Witch) plays the role of America’s favorite sweetheart, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, who originated the part of Kelly Kapowski. Tiera Skovbye (Supernatural, Girl in Progress) takes on the role of talented beauty Elizabeth Berkley and her beloved character “Jessie Sapano.” Rounding out the cast is Taylor Russell McKenzie (Blink) who will portray Lark Voorhies and her on-screen persona, the privileged “Lisa Turtle.”

So what are you doing on September 1st, probably the same thing I am doing, watching The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.


Did Elizabeth Berkley get you so excited on DWTS?
October 14th, 2013 under Dancing with the Stars, Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: none ]

Elizabeth Berkley promised that she would do something from Saved By the Bell on Dancing with the Stars and tonight she delivered. So watch as Jesse Spano proves that her acting hasn’t improved since that day she that she had one too many caffeine pills. But her dancing has gotten so much better since she was in Showgirls.


A Saved By The Bell mini-reunion!
June 7th, 2013 under Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: none ]

The Saved By The Bell love birds Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley were reunited on his show Extra and Jessie and Slater look as close as he did on the show. Can you believe it has been almost a quarter of a century since they were in TV High School together?
They still look the same as they did they. And in the 20 years since they graduated high school, we have seen almost every inch of their naked bodies thanks to Showgirls and Nip/Tuck. In fact the only inches we haven’t see of them is his little A.C.!


Mario Lopez is tricking his wife to get pregnant two more times
April 10th, 2013 under Ellen DeGeneres, Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: none ]

Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney Mazza have a 2 year old daughter named Gia and another one on the way. Well today he told Ellen DeGeneres that he want to have four kids but his wife only wants 3. So how does he plan on getting her to his magic number? He is treating really well while she is pregnant, so that she will want to get pregnant again and again. Will his plan work? We will have to see as the years go on to find out.
I know a few diamonds, some shoes, a lot of nice dresses, several days at the spa and a nanny for each kid would totally work on me.


Mark Paul Gosselaar saved by the wedding bells!
July 29th, 2012 under Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from WENN.com)

Mark Paul Gosselaar threw a real Franklin and Bash yesterday when he finally married his girlfriend Catriona McGinn. Zach Morris and the advertising executive tied the knot at the Sunstone winery in Santa Ynez, Ca. According to People his two children from his first were a big part of the wedding. No word when they will be getting any siblings, but I am sure it will be pretty soon.


Anthony Anderson makes it really difficult to date his daughter
April 30th, 2012 under Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: 1 ]

Anthony Anderson‘s daughter went on her first date yesterday and I don’t think she will be going on a second one anytime soon.
The Hang Time star Tweeted, “Dropping my 16 year old daughter off on her first date at the movies. Not sure how I feel about this!” Then he posted the top picture and said, “I’m sitting in the parking lot Til the movies over or should I buy a ticket?” Not satisfied with the answers he was getting, he then reTweeted the photo again and said, “Anyone see these two at the theatre in woodland hills watch the tall one.” Then he went silent for two hours before Tweeting, “My baby ain’t answering her phone it’s 933pm on Sunday, I’m headed to the theatre. Can’t say if I’m packing but the inside of my car is hot!” Then he added, “I left the 9 at home for when comes to the house for his ‘Bad Boys2′ moment but I did bring my 9 iron!” No more was said, but then he posted the second picture.
If he wants his daughter to remain single for the rest of his life, I think he succeeded. I mean if I had a son, I would be afraid for him to date his daughter.
BTW I am sure this was all done in good fun, but I think there was some seriousness to his Tweets. Fathers want the best for their little girls, my dad would do the same. And my friend is digging holes in his backyard for when his daughter is old enough to date.


A Saved By The Bell reunion show?
April 1st, 2012 under Saved by the Bell/City Guys. [ Comments: none ]

We have been waiting for long time for there to be a Saved By The Bell reunion and now it looks like there might be one coming. Mario Lopez aka AC Slater Tweeted, “Happy to announce that we’ll be doing a Saved by the Bell reunion show!! Just finished the deal..Should be awesome. Stay tuned for details!!”
Oh wait it is April Fool’s Day because a few hours later he said, “As much as I would love a Saved by the Bell reunion…Not happening. Sorry guys..Actually, working on one for @extratv though ! #AprilFools!”
Where is Mr Belding when you really need him???


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