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Simon Cowell left with egg on his face!
June 8th, 2013 under Reality International. [ Comments: none ]

Richard and Adam Johnson were singing on Britain’s Got Talent tonight when violinist Natalie Holt stood up and walked to the front and center of the stage to throw some eggs at Simon Cowell. She was escorted off of the stage, but only after getting a few good hits in. Something she now regrets according to a statement received by Daily Mail, she said “I want to apologise to Richard and Adam for overshadowing their performance. I’ve never done anything like this before and in hindsight I have realised it was a silly thing to do.” Yes it was, but it was also a long time coming.
Sadly though the cameras remained on the singers, so we didn’t see his reaction until after they hit their final note. When we finally did see his reaction, he was as calm as a hard boiled egg. Which kind of upsets me because I would love to see him be all scrambled by it.
Hopefully things will be sunny side up for the two singers because they say they had nothing to do with leaving King of Mean with egg on his face.


Whoops Australia’s Next Top Model host names the wrong winner!
September 28th, 2010 under Reality International. [ Comments: none ]

Don’t you hate when you are doing a live reality show and you announce the winner as the name you were given, only to have someone tell you in your ear you named the wrong person? Well that is what happened when Australia’s Next Top Model host Sarah Murdoch announced that Kelsey Martinovich was the winner only take it back seconds later and crown Amanda Ware as the true winner. Kelsey handled it with such grace because I would have gone ape sh!t if that happened to me. By handling it the way that she did Foxtel issued this statement, “We apologise to Kelsey for the error, and Foxtel will be sending her to New York as well as awarding her $25,000 as a prize.” Smart choice on their part.
Ryan Seacrest Tweeted this story and said, “this is my WORST NIGHTMARE!!!” I am still convinced that this happened to him at the end of season 2 of American Idol, I still think Clay Aiken was the true winner of Ruben Studdard. Yeah I am still holding that grudge!


Did Britian’s Got Talent humiliate this contestant?
July 22nd, 2010 under Reality International. [ Comments: none ]

Emma Amelia Pearl Czikai, 54 is suing Britain’s Got Talent saying that the show humiliated and degraded her by airing her audition. According to The Independent she is claiming discrimination because she was suffering from a health condition that affected her voice when she auditioned. The paper adds in her claims, “she suffers from fibromyalgia, a condition which causes painful swelling all over the body and extreme tiredness, as well as spondylosis in her neck. She lost a lot of weight after her mother’s death in 2006 and was recovering from an operation to remove excess skin from her arms when she went before the show’s judges in January last year. Miss Czikai said her arms were painful and swollen and she struggled to hold the microphone close to her mouth.” The case is currently in the pre-trial phase and they will decide if the case should move on. According to The Hollywood Reporter she is asking for “£300,000 for injured feelings, compensation of £1 million and loss of earnings of £1.25 million.” The trade added if she were to win the money it would go to charity.
After watching what aired on BGT, do you think that the judges and editing humiliated her or that she humiliated herself?
I personally think if you don’t feel you are 100% when you audition, that you should wait until you are. Plus I think it is no secret that when you go on any of these talent show, especially one with Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan you should expect them to make fun of you. They do it to the good contestants as well as the bad ones.
It will be interesting to see if her case is accepted and she went on to win, how it will change what we see during the audition phases on these reality shows. They could become real boring, real fast.


Television is going to the chimps…literally
January 25th, 2010 under Reality International. [ Comments: none ]

I think I remember one of the cartoons like The Simpsons or The Critic doing an episode where Hollywood apes were creating movies in Hollywood and I thought that would never happen…that was until now. The BBC Two is going to air a film that is entirely shot by chimpanzees on Wednesday called ChimpCam. According to the website, “Nine years ago John Capener watched a documentary that left him thinking, “a chimp could have shot this!”…and that’s where The Chimpcam Project was born. If we gave chimpanzees a camcorder, what would they do with it? What, if anything, would they film?” He brought a woman with a PhD on board and they taught the chimps how to use the cameras. The BBC reports that for “over 18 months, she introduced video technology to a group of 11 chimpanzees living in a newly built enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo, UK.” On Wednesday we will see how it all turned out.
Who else besides me is afraid Hollywood is going to think this is a great idea and they will let chimps make their own movies? But then again maybe Hollywood would stop remaking movies because they will be afraid for their jobs since chimps could make movies for a lot less than them. But with our luck the chimps choose to remake Gorillas in the Mist or Project X…


Susan Boyle loses Britian’s Got Talent
May 31st, 2009 under Reality International. [ Comments: none ]

via Dlisted
After seven weeks of waiting to see if Susan Boyle would win the competition that made her a worldwide sensation, the world will watch on the net that she came in second. Not sure why she didn’t win, if it was the overexposure or the fact that she sang the same the song or the winners Diversity were amazing played in to it, but I am OK with someone else winning. With all the hype for her, and yes she was amazing. it was nice to see someone who deserved to win did. Susan Boyle will be OK and maybe now she can back to her normal life because according to the latest reports the pressure of fame was getting to her.


Was Susan Boyle as good the second time around?
May 24th, 2009 under Reality International. [ Comments: none ]

After weeks of waiting Susan Boyle finally performed again on Britian’s Got Talent. Do you think she was just as good or should she just be a memory?
Personally I am over her because she was so overexposed. She did a great job, but just didn’t seem as exciting as the first time. It will be interesting to see and hear what she does on next Sunday’s finale because obviously she made it through to them.


Would you want to Smash this yummy Guinness World Record?
May 14th, 2009 under Reality International. [ Comments: none ]

Sunday on Sky1′s Guinness World Records Smashed, Charlie Bell is trying to break the record of moving over 15kg of maggots in an hour from one bucket to another. That mean he has to move two and half pints of maggots per minute for the whole hour! Yum!!!
So how did he get ready to smash that Guinness World Record?

Having practised at home for months by moving rice from one bowl to another, will Charlie crack under the studio spotlight and the stench of the real thing?
Charlie Bell says: “the hardest part of this record will be controlling my gag reflex. I’m used to having maggots in my mouth because I’m a fisherman, and often warm them up before putting them on the hook – but this is a different game all together. The stench is going to be immense.”

And I hear the stench was as disgusting as the record he attempted was. How and why did someone even come up with and break that record in the first place? Tune in to Sky1 on Sunday at 8p to see if he is the new title holder! He better be after all those mouth full of maggots.
OK I am off to do what he did in that third bucket!


Britain’s Got Talent has talent!
April 12th, 2009 under Reality International. [ Comments: 1 ]

I love Britain’s Got Talent’s Fabia Cerra and I so wish we had people like her on America’s Got Talent! She better win the whole thing because I haven’t seen Simon Cowell make those faces since that infamous Fantasia performance!!! Way to go Fabia!!!
BTW if you want to see what she looked like without the British flags, you can see them at Daily Mail!


Did Brigette Nielsen’s plastic surgery makeover work?
July 25th, 2008 under Reality International. [ Comments: 3 ]

Brigette Nielsen went on a German reality show and had herself made over via plastic surgery from head to toe and now we get to see the final results. Do you think she looks better?
I personally don't much of a change from the below picture but she does look happy and that is the best and cheapest thing you can do for a makeover!
BTW what is that bulge in her bathing suit on the bottom?

Brigitte Nielsen will do anything on TV
July 9th, 2008 under Reality International. [ Comments: none ]

The things that Brigitte Nielsen will do on TV. She walked around naked and getting wasted on The Surreal Life, then she tried to find love with Flavor Flav on Strange Love and most recently she went to rehab on Celebrity Rehab. So what is left for her to do? Get plastic suregery on German TV according to Daily Record. So gross. I am so afraid to see what she will do next.

Over four stomach-churning prime time episodes, Brigitte will get a facelift, eyelift, breast lift, fat injections in her face, liposuction to her thighs and a new set of teeth.
Viewers of the show, kindly titled From Old To New, will watch every step of the s50,000 makeover. It’s being screened by Germany’s biggest network, RTL.

You can see even more on Bild.de if you really want to.


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