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The Kennedys: After Camelot tells the sad end of America’s Royalty
January 13th, 2017 under Reelz, Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri. [ Comments: none ]

Reelz announced today that the 4-hour 2-part sequel to their huge hit The Kennedys will air on April 2nd and April 9th and I can’t wait to see it.
We have seen the love story of Jackie and John F Kennedy told many different ways, but this is the story of her life and her in-laws’ lives after JFK was shot and killed on that fateful day. As we know, Jackie married again to a billionaire and it wasn’t a happy one. Her son finally found love after his mother died and shortly afterwards he joined her up in heaven. Then there are The Kennedys, Robert F Kennedy was assassinated while running for President in 1968 and that is where this story begins. His younger brother Ted never got to hold that office after he was involved in a scandal that he never recovered from.
When John F Kennedy was assassinated on November 23, 1963, the family’s legacy went down with him. This is that story and it needs to be told. I can’t think of anyone better to tell it than Katie Holmes reprising her role of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Matthew Perry joining the sequel as her brother-in-law Ted Kennedy.


You can’t handle Tom Cruise recreate his movies!
October 20th, 2016 under James Corden, Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri. [ Comments: 7 ]

Tom Cruise was on The Late Late Show yesterday and James Corden asked the beloved actor to recreate his roles in the special way that the CBS late night show does it. The two of them acted out several of his movies like Mission Impossible, Risky Business, Mission Impossible 2, Rain Man, Mission Impossible 3, Born on the Fourth of July, Mission Possible 4, Jerry McGuire, Mission Impossible 5, Interview with a Vampire and many more. Including a special guest appearance by an actor reprising their role.
The only negative I have to say about these brilliant 10 minutes is that we learned that his Tropic Thunder dance isn’t as good without the fat suit. Other than that, he should get the Oscar for this. How come he hasn’t gotten one yet?


Run Tom Cruise, Run!
October 17th, 2016 under Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri. [ Comments: none ]

As we know, Tom Cruise has “a need, a need for speed.” Because of that he can be seen running in ever freaking movie that the Top Gun does.
You know it, I know it and Burger Fiction definitely knows it. So much so, they created a video of him running for 18:51.
This video will make you want to get on the treadmill or if you are like me, throw it out.
So take a deep breath and press play!


Katie Holmes went out just like how she woke up!
August 8th, 2016 under Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri. [ Comments: none ]

When Katie Holmes was married to Tom Cruise, she always looked perfectly dressed. Now that she is single, she wears whatever she wants, when she wants.
The other day, she woke up and she went out shopping with what she was wore to bed. In fact, she didn’t even bother to do her hair and face. Good for her! I think it’s the prettiest she ever looked because she is her most comfortable.
Take that all you celebrities who are like I woke up like this! This is how people really look when they just woke up like that!


Katie Holmes turns taking the subway into a red carpet affair!
October 8th, 2015 under Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri. [ Comments: 4 ]

Most people when they take the train, they wear jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers. Not Katie Holmes, she wears a designer gown and heels. Things sure have changed since I used to take the subway in NYC.


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