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Conservative Madonna
August 4th, 2015 under Madonna. [ Comments: none ]

Madonna is known for being anything but conservative, but the singer showed that side of her yesterday. She shared a photo of herself looking like a secretary who would work on Mad Men and I think the styling works for her Rebel Heart. So much so, I think she needs to dress like this more often, when she is not on the stage singing.
Don’t you like seeing her looking like this?


Madonna reminds me of a charging bull
August 3rd, 2015 under Madonna. [ Comments: 1 ]

Madonna posted this photo and I couldn’t figure out what she looked to me. At first she reminded me of a dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park. But then it hit me, she looks like a bull that is about to mow down a bunch of schmucks in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. Either way, she is going to haunt my nightmares tonight.
What do you think the Material Girl look like in this picture?
BTW I won’t say anything about her needing to get her roots done. I think that speaks for itself.


What did Madonna do in Drake’s mouth?
April 13th, 2015 under Degrassi, Madonna. [ Comments: none ]

Madonna did a Britney Spears and brought Drake on stage with her at Coachella. She had him sit on a chair and then she proceeded to make out with him. Since the Degrassi star believes YOLO, he kept touching her hair as she passionately kissed him. The Material Girl didn’t like his hand on her mane, so she did something in his mouth. What she did we don’t know, but his face says it all.
So what do you think she did? Did she bite his tongue? Did she spit in his mouth? Or did the 28 year old realize he just made out with a woman twice his age? I say all of the above.


Madonna comes out of the closet!
April 10th, 2015 under Jimmy Fallon, Madonna. [ Comments: none ]

Madonna was on The Tonight Show yesterday and she told Jimmy Fallon she is a closet comedian. So the NBC late night host told the musician to try some of her standup on the show right then and there. For the first time in decades, she had her cherry popped by telling jokes about all the younger men she’s been dating recently. Her jokes were so bad, it made her latest album sound as good as Like A Virgin.
So down a pitcher of watered down beer or several Long Island Iced Teas and maybe you will think she is funny. You know, practice the same method you would at a comedy club to make those comedians funny.


Jimmy Fallon takes a Holiday with Madonna!
April 9th, 2015 under Jimmy Fallon, Madonna. [ Comments: 1 ]

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performed Holiday with Madonna and some classroom instruments on tonight’s The Tonight Show. What more can you say about their performance of one of her earlier hits, but that it was totally bitchin’.


Madonna is a dirty girl!
March 21st, 2015 under Madonna. [ Comments: none ]

Madonna posted a photo of herself with dirt on her face and it’s probably the cleanest she’s been in a while. OK, that sentence might’ve gotten me swimming in some muddy waters. I’ll stop there before I am like a pig rolling around in some mud!


Do Madonna and Justin Bieber have something to tell us?
March 17th, 2015 under Do they have something to tell us?, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, Madonna. [ Comments: none ]

Justin Bieber was photographed giving Madonna a close-eyed kiss on her cheek, so do the two singers have something to tell us? Only that they will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow.
But for a second imagine if they were singing duets together in the bedroom? After all, he is about the right age for her and she is perfect for him. How hot would this couple be?

UPDATE: According to this clip from today’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Madonna would consider dating Justin Bieber since he is just a year younger than the youngest man she has dated. Make it happen guys, make it happen!!!


Madonna suffered whiplash from her fall!
February 27th, 2015 under Madonna. [ Comments: none ]

If you’ve ever “read” Madonna’s book Sex, then you know can pretty much assume she likes whiplash. Unfortunately for her that is not the type of whiplash she suffered on Wednesday when she was accidentally pulled off the stage during a performance at The Brits.
The injured singer told The Jonathan Ross Show, “I had a little bit of whiplash, I smacked the back of my head. And I had a man standing over me with a flashlight until about 3am to make sure I was compos mentis.” She then went on to explain that she was supposed to be able to untie the cape before the incident, but it was tied too tightly. She added, “I had two choices: I could either be strangled or fall, and I chose to fall.”
After the incident, she made another decision, “No more capes. Cape fear is over.” I guess she will leave flying to R Kelly from now on.


Madonna falls off the stage at The Brits!
February 25th, 2015 under Madonna. [ Comments: none ]

Some say that Madonna‘s latest album has caused her career to take a tumble, but not as bad as the one she took tonight during The Brit Awards.
The singer was performing her new song Living for Love dressed in a cape. Then when her servants were to pull it off of her, they wound up pulling her off the stage instead. She fell back 3 steps, but didn’t miss a beat. She kept on performing as though nothing even happened.
So what did happen? She explained on Instagram, “Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I’m fine! ❤️#livingforlove”
So I guess you can say The Material Girl was done in by material.


Madonna, that’s one way to get the Kardashian butt?
February 8th, 2015 under Madonna. [ Comments: 1 ]

via Newser
Madonna has a very very toned body for a woman who is 56 years old or any age to be honest, and that means she doesn’t really have a butt. At least not one nearly as huge as the Kardashians or Nicki Minaj’s. So how does the Material Girl get people talking about her a$$? She wears a thong that pushes it up over the borderline and makes it looks like something Sir Mix A Lot would be singing about.
BTW I am sure after Kanye West saw this, he ran out to buy it for his wife. Do they even make one in her size?


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