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This beauty contestant does Suzanne Sugarbaker proud!
February 2nd, 2015 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]

On Friday night the Miss Amazonas pageant went off without a hitch until the very end of it. Just as the winner was crowned, the runner-up ripped the crown off of her head. Sheislane Hayalla being the Diva that she is, threw the crown off the stage and stormed off in the opposite direction. Before she exited, she screamed something at the “winner” Carolina Toledo and then stopped to blow a big kiss at all of her new admirers.
Why did she do it? She took to Facebook on Saturday to declare:

Good afternoon! I would like to make it clear to everyone that my protest, i am going to me, i do not need to go by the head of the Others, i am a woman enough to take what you do and to face all head held high. Anyone who follows my trajectory, you know that i am miss amazon globo 2013 / miss brazil globe 2013 And second placed on miss international globe, yes second placed. I fought and mourning so much for all the achievements that i have in my life, i do not accept injustices and never leave Something go unpunished, i expressed yes my repudiation of attitudes that were seen during the preparation of the miss amazon 2015 Do not regret to have protested in most of the major competitions happen these ‘ problems ‘ and they get Go unpunished, i believe that i have planted the change in this great contest. I want something clean and honest! I am sheislane hayalla and my attitude i do not diminish or makes me less miss, i am human, runs blood In my veins and i am not a hypocrite. Thank you to everyone who sent me messages positive and to those who sent the negative too. #somostodossheislanehayalla #faith #god #mundomiss #acabouapalhacada #whoisshe #she #is #lane

I am not sure if her reasoning got lost in translation (since this was originally written in Portuguese translated to English by Facebook), but does it matter? What we have is a new Beauty Pageant idol to look up to. Forget Honey Boo Boo, she is the Missiest Miss of them all!
Hopefully, she will somehow wind up being able to compete for Miss Universe because she deserves the title. Wouldn’t you actually watch the Beauty Pageant if she was a contestant? Just to see what she would do if she lost?


Miss Nebraska is all about the flash!
September 15th, 2014 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]

Miss Nebraska Megan Swanson was sitting getting ready to watch the Evening Wear section of the Miss America competition, when she did something that made her the winner of the night.
As Chris Harrison said that the judges were looking for “personal style and flair”, Swanson accidentally showed us her corn field. Luckily for her not only did she have underwear on, but it matched her shirt.
Even though she wasn’t crowned Miss America, she is the one everyone is talking about this morning. So it wasn’t all bad for her, although I am sure she is feeling like it is.
Ladies, the morale of the story, is you should always sit with your legs crossed when you are in a short skirt on national television. I personally thought that all the contestants were taught that lesson before they got to that stage of the game. Guess not. And if they were, then chances are no one would be talking about the Miss America competition today. Seriously, did you know it was on yesterday? I didn’t until Miss Nebraska’s Husker made an appearance.


Who will be Miss American
January 24th, 2009 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]

(photo credit TLC)
Who will Mario Lopez sing "There she is…Miss America" to? Find out tonight on TLC. 
This year TLC change things up with "Countdown Down to Miss America" where we got to vote 4 of the Top 15. And tonight at 8p on TLC we will find out of one of those four will bring home the crown!!!

Miss USAs slip up at Miss Universe
July 14th, 2008 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]



What is up or should I say down with two Miss USA contestants falling on their a$$es two years in a row? I love how Miss USA 2008 handled by clapping, gotta respect that! Can’t wait to see the third fall be a charm at next year’s Miss Universe competition!


Whooops..the wrong girl was crowned
December 3rd, 2007 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: 1 ]

Did anyone else see that Designing Women episode when Suzanne Sugarbaker finds out she really was not Miss Georgia and has to give her crown back like 20 years later. Then during the ceremony it comes out that the woman who won was banging the Judges and Suzanne gets to keep her corwn. I wonder if that is what the runner-up is wishing for? Seriously I would be pissed if I was given the crown and then some accountant messed up and I was told to give it back. That totally stinks.


Miss Teen South Carolina’s response to her response is just as dumb.
August 28th, 2007 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: 2 ]

WorldNetDaily asked Miss Teen South Carolina WTF she was thinking when she answered that question with that response and she said:

“I was never much of a pageant girl,” Lauren Caitlin Upton said in an interview published just hours before Friday’s competition. “When I first started pageants, I wanted to build up my communication skills for interviews for college and for jobs. I was determined to prove I was able to accomplish anything I put my mind to.”

The ironic comments were recorded in her local paper, the State of Columbia, S.C., which she told for today’s edition that she “completely misunderstood” the geography question posed to her.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I wasn’t expecting [the question]. I lost my train of thought.”

Miss South Carolina Teen USA says she graduated with a 3.5 grade-point average from Lexington High School in June, and was a varsity athlete and student leader.

“Things happen for a reason,” she said. “That’s the way life goes.”

“I just want people to know that I’m an average teenage girl, living life to the fullest, learning from my mistakes and living life in a positive way, and that is all I can ask for.”

Ummm, what? I am at a loss of words as much as she is apparently. Oy. And as you can see from the video Mario Lopez was in just as much pain as us all during that answer, he said he wanted to help her but he is not allowed to talk to the contestants when they are answering the questions. I think that rule needs to change.

BTW if all of this is not painful enough for you, here the answer Lauren Caitlin Upton gave during the practice round:

“What is the first thing you will do when you get home?”

“Eat me some hamburgers,” she responded. “I haven’t eaten hamburgers, French fries or hot dogs in three years, and I just want to see what it tastes like.”

Maybe she just needs some protein! Oy I can’t comment anymore on this because I lost a few brain cells writing this post.


Miss USA had a really bad night
May 29th, 2007 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]

At first I thought wow, this girl is so cool to get up after falling on her butt in front of the whole world like it was nothing. But then I realized it is because she was not smart enough to care. Needless to say she did not win the Miss Universe title.


Miss America sick out?
February 19th, 2007 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]

Don’t be surprised if the new Miss America vomits on Mario Lopez when she gets crowned tonight. Not from all the excitement, mind you. I’m told a flu-like sickness has been plaguing the pageant since last week. Three of the beauty contest’s six judges fell ill during the last few days of preliminary competitions. First up was Delta Burke. "She became horribly ill the day after she arrived and didn’t make it through the initial interview process," a source tells me. "She couldn’t continue as a judge for the first night of preliminaries on Thursday." Two nights later, fellow judges Debbie Allen and Michael Feinstein were MIA for the start of that evening’s pageant festivities. "They were ill in their suites and were being checked out by the hotel doctor," my source says. "They finally made it to the backstage door—15 minutes late!—and crawled to their judge positions." Fortunately, at least as of today, fellow judges, Hardball host Chris Matthews, Miss America 1981 Susan Powell and America’s Next Top Model’s Nigel Barker have remained healthy. Barker ended up playing nurse. "Nigel escorted Debbie to her seat [on Saturday]," my source says. "She clutched his arm and walked very slowly." The final night of competition airs live tonight on CMT from the Alladin in Las Vegas. Dancing with the Stars Lopez makes his debut as host. The only thing Lopez may suffer from tonight is too much energy. I’m told the single thing he requested for his dressing room was plenty of cans of sugar-free Red Bull.

Planet Gossip 

I had heard about Delta Burke having to pull out, but not about the others. Hopefully they will all be better tonight because nothing would be worse than seeing a whole bunch of beauty queens throwing up on live TV. Scratch that, how cool would that be!
And finally we now know Mario Lopez’s secret for always being so upbeat…sugar-free Red Bulls! 


Miss USA loses another one.
January 15th, 2007 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]

MARLTON BEAUTY Ashley Harder has resigned as Miss New Jersey USA because she is pregnant, Harder confirmed yesterday. Harder, 20, has informed the Miss Universe Organization, which oversees the pageant. Her first runner-up, Erin Abrahamson, will step in to compete as Miss New Jersey in the Miss USA pageant March 23 in Los Angeles. "It was my decision to resign due to the situation," Harder, a graduate of Camden Catholic High, told us in an interview yesterday. It’s against the rules of Miss USA to compete while pregnant. Harder says she and live-in boyfriend Gregg D’Antonio, 28, are expecting their baby in "late summer." They are planning to wed, but are taking things "one step at a time," Harder said. D’Antonio owns Trig Snowboarding, a snowboarding apparel company. Harder is part of the CW Philly 57 Crew, appearing on air, and also working as a Channel 57 (WPSG-TV) community ambassador. She was crowned Miss New Jersey USA in October in what was her first beauty pageant. This has been an unusual year for the Miss USA organization. Last month, Miss Nevada Katie Rees was dethroned after photos of her exposing her breasts and kissing another girl popped up on online gossip sites. And last month, Miss USA Tara Conner entered rehab at Wernersville’s Caron Foundation after admitting to underage drinking, after media reports surfaced about her alleged drug and alcohol abuse and sxual indiscretions. "This isn’t another scandal. This is a baby; this is a life," Harder said when asked if she was worried her pregnancy would be treated as scandal, in light of Rees and Conner. Harder says being a mom "is a title I have always wanted and will always cherish." Harder began her modeling career while in high school, where she was a National Honor Society student. She moved to New York after graduating in 2004 to work as a model. She’s traveled to Japan and appeared in ads for Pepsi and Versace, among others. She’ll be cheering for Abrahamson to represent New Jersey in the Miss USA pageant in March. Abrahamson, 22, is a senior at Montclair State, and also an aspiring singer. The Miss Universe Organization could not be reached for comment.

Philadelphia Daily News 

I find it interesting it only went downhill when Trump took over! BTW they already replaced her on the Miss New Jersey website.


Will Tara Connor remove her crown for Playboy?
January 4th, 2007 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]

A JOB is waiting when Tara Conner gets out of rehab. Playboy wants to shoot the troubled Miss USA for its cover. Donald Trump and his execs at the Miss Universe Organization are mulling the offer. Conner, who hails from a small town in Kentucky, was nearly stripped of her title after it was alleged she was having sex with sleazy nightclubbing cads who were giving her cocaine. Said an insider, "If Trump allowed her to do it, it would have to be in good taste." Which means she’ll keep her top on.

Page Six

So if she gets offer Playboy does that mean Katie Ress will get one from Hustler?


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