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Wendy Williams falls off of the stage!
August 9th, 2015 under Celeb Oops. [ Comments: none ]

Wendy Williams started her show off in Houston with a bang, as in she feel off the stage and went bang. The talk show host didn’t let it get her down because she Tweeted today, “Forgot it’s the ‘Sit Down Tour’ not the fall down tour.” And chances are she will be sitting down a lot more on the tour after that fall.
On that note, how did she fall down? I mean it was pretty obvious where the stage ended the floor began.


Cara Delevingne winds up on the bathroom floor!
July 22nd, 2015 under Celeb Oops. [ Comments: none ]

Cara Delevingne was hanging with her friends and then something sh!tty happened to her. While Kendall Jenner was supposed to guarding the bathroom door, her foot slipped to reveal Delevingne inside of it. Cara was so shocked that she lost her balance and found herself on the floor. How it happened it is a mystery, but how gross it is must’ve been is not.


Chris Brown falls off the stage!
May 6th, 2015 under Celeb Oops. [ Comments: 1 ]

The good news is that Chris Brown fell of the stage, the bad news is that the stage wasn’t that high up from the floor. What more do I need to write because you are not reading what I wrote, you are just playing that video over and over and over again.


The horse goes giddy up as the jockey’s pants go giddy down!!!
April 24th, 2015 under Celeb Oops. [ Comments: none ]

We have seen wardrobe malfunctions in all sorts of sports games, but we’ve never expected to see one during a horse race. But that is exactly what happened when Blake Shinn’s pants feel down and exposed his bum during the start of the race. So you can say that his horse Miss Royale loss by an a$$. Not that’s he’s an a$$, but instead of losing by a nose, it’s a body part further down.
Thankfully Modesty was right behind them, but poor Modesty’s Jockey had to stare at that bum all the way until the finish line. Although Shinn’s butt isn’t that bad to look at, which explains why the race was so close! How did the Jockey Hugh Bowman feel about his view, he Tweeted, “I’ve seen plenty on a racetrack but running 3rd today I certainly saw more than I bargained for @blake_shinn😳”
Better yet, how is Blake Shinn handling being the butt of all jokes in the Jockey world? He’s auctioning off his pants for charity to raise money for National Jockey Trust of Australia & the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. He says it is a great cause to get behind. Badabump!


Selena Gomez in just a see-thru bra
November 18th, 2014 under Celeb Oops, Disney Kids. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 1:54 in)

via The Nip Slip
Selena Gomez was posing in just some underwear for Flaunt magazine and the see-thru bra revealed more than she wanted. Or maybe she did want to reveal it? Showing a nipple or playing a prostitute are some of the fastest ways to get rid of your squeaky clean image, ask Jessica Biel and Eve Plumb!


Iggy Azalea’s Booty was too much for her pants!
November 3rd, 2014 under Celeb Oops. [ Comments: none ]

via Baller Alert
So you know, the Bar Mitzvah, is all about a boy becoming a man. Well, thanks to Iggy Azalea, several boys became a man at their friend’s Jewish birthday party over the weekend.
That’s because when she was performing her song Booty at his Bar Mitzvah, her booty caused her pants to split. That rip between her legs caused her to give them a show that made the 13 year the most popular kid in school today. And the best part for his dad, for once someone finally got their moneys worth when they hired a celebrity to perform at their kid’s big shindig.
Maybe next time, Iggy will dress more Fancy when she performs for a bunch of new teenage boys?


Iggy Azalea, I’m so clutzy!
August 23rd, 2014 under Celeb Oops. [ Comments: none ]

Iggy Azalea was performing at an MTV VMA pre-show concert yesterday and she had a moment that wasn’t so fancy. The singer was singing and walking backwards on the stage, then when she turned around she found out there was not enough floor left and down she went. Luckily, she was OK and went on with the show.


Gayle King’s wardrobe malfunction!
July 29th, 2014 under Celeb Oops, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Gayle King put on a hot pink dress early this morning and she didn’t realize until much later in the afternoon that it was on backwards. Many of us have done the same thing, but unlike her we weren’t doing it on national television. Granted if we woke up as early as she does for work, we’d probably do the exact same thing more often than we already do it now.
BTW I know that the dress wasn’t meant to be worn that way, but I like the way it looks in the back. What about you?


Lady Gaga accidentally frees the nip on Instagram!
July 18th, 2014 under Celeb Oops, Katy Perry / Lady Gaga/ Ke$ha. [ Comments: none ]

Lady Gaga Instagrammed a photo of herself to show off her vintage “fashun” and she showed off something else instead, like her nipple. So if you want to see it again, then click here!


Selena Gomez accidentally freed the nipple on Instagram
July 10th, 2014 under Celeb Oops, Disney Kids. [ Comments: none ]

Selena Gomez posted a photo of herself with some friends and she revealed a little more than she wanted. The Disney Darling was wearing a low cut loose lace black top with no bra; and when she slightly bent over, her nipple made an appearance. It was so slight, that she probably didn’t realize it when she posted the photo. So slight Instagram left it up on their photo site which is something they don’t do.
So I guess you can say that both Selena Gomez and Instagram had a nip slip!
To see the NSFW pic, then click here!


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