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Does this OK Go video let you down?
October 27th, 2014 under Music. [ Comments: none ]

OK Go is the King of Music Videos for the new century and they want to wow you with their new one. I Won’t Let You Don’t Down starts off slow, but then there is a moment that will leave you in awe for the rest of it. Once it all syncs together, you won’t be saying that their latest let you down.


Luke Bryan’s crotch attracts light!
August 8th, 2014 under Music. [ Comments: none ]

Luke Bryan was on Good Morning America today and he posed for a picture to let the world know what his hashtag is for the performance. But I wasn’t looking at the sign, I was looking at the ball of light by his, you know, balls. Who knew he had flashlight down there? The last time I saw a guy’s, you know, light up like that, was when we tried a glow-in-the-dark condom. Although my guy’s, you know, didn’t have the angelic glow that the Country singer’s does in this photo.


Fifty Cent blames his awful pitch on going to 2nd base on himself too much!
June 4th, 2014 under Music. [ Comments: none ]

Fifty Cent was asked about that awful first pitch he had the other week during a Mets game, and he explained what happened. According to Billboard on a recent Reddit chat when asked about it, he said, “I have a skeletal muscle injury on my left shoulder from excessive masturbation so take it easy lol”. Maybe if he took it easy on himself, he would not be credited with the worst first pitch in baseball history.


UB40 caused a woman’s ears to bleed red, red blood
April 16th, 2014 under Music. [ Comments: none ]

Did you know that UB40 is still touring and people are paying to see them? On Monday, several concert goers were forced to walk out on their show in Cambridge because the bass was too loud. According to the BBC, it got so bad that one woman walked out during the first song because her ears were bleeding. Other people complained of headaches and some even claimed it messed with their heart rhythms.
A spokesperson told the BBC, “sorry that Anna’s night was spoiled.” That is cold, real cold.
Seriously, who knew that Reggae music could be such a headache? Well, I’ve never been a fan of UB40, so I probably knew.


Rebecca Black sings what come after Friday!
December 8th, 2013 under Music. [ Comments: none ]

The world has anxiously been waiting two and a half years for Rebecca Black‘s followup to her huge hit, Friday, and we finally got Saturday this weekend. Is it at as good? No. But isn’t as bad either.
I can’t wait for Sunday, because that is a day us 9-5ers never want to end!


This fan was willing to shave his head to hear Pearl Jam do Brian of J!
December 3rd, 2013 under Music. [ Comments: none ]

via NME
How many times have you gone to a concert and wish they would play your favorite song, but after the final encore you realize they are just not going to do it. How far would you go to have that band perform that tune?
Well in Spokane, Washington, on Saturday, one fan was willing to let Eddie Vedder shave off his really long dreadlocks if was able to headbang to Brian of J one last time. Well Pearl Jam obliged and off went one dreadlock at a time. And now that guy can tell his friends that he had his head shaved by Eddie Vedder as he rocked out to his favorite song live. Just like each dreadlock has a story, so does he about how he lost his long hair.
BTW if this music thing doesn’t work out for Vedder, he could so get a job as a barber. He seemed like a natural as he sawed off each dread.
Finally, didn’t he look so much better once all of those locks were on the stage!


This is how Ricky Martin looks before he has coffee!
November 6th, 2013 under Music. [ Comments: none ]

Ever wonder what Ricky Martin looks like the morning after you bang, you bang; well now you know thanks to a video he posted on Instagram. I don’t know about you, but I still want to live La Vida Loca with him after this because now I know he looks really cute in the morning, afternoon and night.


Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus bitten by a shark!
November 5th, 2013 under Music. [ Comments: none ]

Mark Hoppus Tweeted this picture of his shocked reaction when a shark bit down him. I bet out of all the small things to attack him, a baby shark was towards the bottom of his list. Oh well, at least we got this cute picture out of the brutal attack.


Alison Gold’s Chinese Food has its first parody
October 18th, 2013 under Music. [ Comments: none ]

Alison Gold’s song Chinese Food hasn’t even been out a week and already someone gave the song their own flavor. NMAWorldEdition, home of Taiwanese Animation, is singing about their love of American Food. I don’t know if I should be completely insulted or pat them on the shoulder because it was quite brilliant. I am leaning towards the first because the truth hurts.
BTW I am off to have some McDonalds! Although I am not sure I will eat at Burger King the same way ever again after this video. The Burger King already gave me nightmares and seeing what that guy did to him, horrified on so many new levels.


Is this the new Rebecca Black?
October 14th, 2013 under Music. [ Comments: 1 ]

Remember when Rebecca Black was the biggest thing out there? Well that was a million Fridays ago and now Patrice Wilson is back with a new singer and song. His new Black is Gold, as in Alison Gold and she is singing about her love Chinese food. Wilson comes in on the Panda Express to rap his way into her Chow Mein. That will make more sense when you watch the video.
And now that you are done listening to it, do you think she is new Rebecca Black? I am sorry to say my fortune cookie, does not see as bright of a future for her yet. But it was a good try for her first attempt.
So in case you haven’t Friday stuck in your head in a really long time, listen to it below on this Monday that you wish was a Friday.


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