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Oh my gosh, Helen Mirren not sounding as posh!
March 31st, 2015 under Heather Mills, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Helen Mirren was on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jimmy Fallon commented on how proper her accent sounds. He then wanted to see if it sounded just as elegant if she downed some helium. When he asked her about it, her reaction is so precious you will love her even more. It was a like a little girl being all bashful when she is sweetly embarrassed about something.
Once she was done being all shy about the offer, she grabbed the balloon and tried it out. Even though her voice was high and squeaky, it still sounded dignified.
Only Mirren could make something like sucking on balloon seem classy. If I try it, I sound like an imbecile. How do you sound when you get into the helium?


Heather Mills sees red
April 6th, 2008 under Heather Mills. [ Comments: 2 ]

The red hair makes Heather Mills look even more mousey. 
I like the color, just not on her. 

Heather Mills turns men into Vegans
November 19th, 2007 under Heather Mills. [ Comments: none ]

Heather Mills new ad for Viva will make men give up meat because just the thought of her wanting them is enough to force them to do that. I don't know why Viva is thinking using her, are they trying to get people not to listen to them and pull money out of their organization?


Heather Mills and her divorce lawyers split
November 9th, 2007 under Heather Mills. [ Comments: 1 ]

Heather Mills might feel better whining on TV, but the people that worked with her don't feel the same way. After she appeared on international TV crying woo is me her publicist fired her, now comes word from Daily Snack so have her divorce lawyers.
A spokeswoman for law firm Mishcon de Reya said: "We are not representing her any more."
There are rumors that her televised outbursts might cost her Bea, now without lawyers that rumor might become true. For someone who doesn't want to be celebrity she is enjoying all the air time she has been getting recently at a very big cost and becoming a laughing stock. I mean seriously who hasn't laughed at her crying on TV? I know I have! 

My Halloween treat!
October 31st, 2007 under Halloween, Heather Mills. [ Comments: none ]

Heather Mills went on British TV’s GMTV this morning and cried how miserable she is and how she has been close to suicide because of all the negative press about her. Wah Wah Wah…Whatever. I so don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. Stop acting like the victim already because we all know she is not.


Heather Mills racking up parking tickets in The Hamptons
August 31st, 2007 under Heather Mills. [ Comments: none ]

(file photo from the Daily Mirror) 
Heather Mill can't find love or legitimate parking space on Long Island according to Page Six.
"She's parking in front of fire hydrants and in handicapped zones without a handicapped tag," a source tells The Post's Braden Keil. The peg-legged "Dancing With the Stars" hoofer recently showed an unimpressed town cop her prosthesis while he was writing up her white gas-guzzler. She was then photographed sticking her tongue out at him as soon as he turned his back.
I love that they are ticketing her! I hope they boot her car one day or tow it, now that will be funny!!!

Heather Mills in a bikini….gross.
August 9th, 2007 under Heather Mills. [ Comments: 4 ]

That was a sight no one ever needed to see.  

Heather Mills will not let Jonathan Roberts go free
April 26th, 2007 under Dancing with the Stars, Heather Mills. [ Comments: none ]


According to IOL, Heather Mills is planning on bringing her Dancing with the Stars partner Jonathan Roberts on tour with her. She claims that she does speaking engagements around The US, "We're going to do a speaking tour around America – a motivational thing – which I've done for years and years. I'll do a surprise, where Jonathan comes up and he'll do dances and flips on the stage." Seriously who would want to book her now and why? What can she talk about? How to get a very rich man to marry you and get his money when you divorce him? 


Ding Dong the b!tch is gone from Dancing with the Stars!!!
April 24th, 2007 under Dancing with the Stars, Heather Mills. [ Comments: none ]


Finally Heather Mills is gone from Dancing with the Stars!!! Yahoo!!!

Sorry England you can have her back because we don't want her!


Heather Mills really took her dancing to the unfriendly skies
April 20th, 2007 under Dancing with the Stars, Heather Mills. [ Comments: none ]

So remember how Heather Mills kept threatening to dance on the plane all the way from Los Angeles to London, well she sort of did it according to the Daily Mail. Seems when Heather was flying from LA to London on Wednesday the in-flight entertainment system went down and Heather suggested that John Roberts and her dance for the passengers like she does on Dancing with the Stars. Heather forgot she was no longer on American soil where most people don't know what a gold-digging bitch she is and no one the plane was thrilled with her performance. In fact no one applauded when she was done. Ha Ha! Looks like she sabotaged the in-flight entertainment system for no reason?

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