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Heidi Klum’s new man is a real dog!
June 20th, 2016 under Project Runway. [ Comments: none ]

They say if you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas. Well, Heidi Klum doesn’t care about that saying because she slept naked with her dog. Which you can’t blame her because those type of dogs are better to spoon with than the other type of dog that walks on two legs.


BTWF specials: Heidi Klum on Secrets of Victoria’s Secrets
June 13th, 2016 under Before They Were Famous, Project Runway. [ Comments: none ]

Before Heidi Klum was Victoria’s Secret’s most famous model, she was just starting out with them and showing us some of the Secrets of the Victoria’s Secrets. How gorgeous was the 26 year old in that 1997 feature on E!?


Heidi Klum or Farrah Fawcett?
July 9th, 2015 under Project Runway. [ Comments: none ]

Heidi Klum posted a photo of herself from a photoshoot she did for Vogue Italia and she looks like another pinup beauty. When I first saw the picture, I could’ve sworn it was Farrah Facett. Not only because of the hair and makeup but also by the way she was posing. I actually had to read her caption to make sure she didn’t get the Instagram themes mixed up, you know thinking maybe she has confused WCW for TBT.
Seriously, doesn’t she look just like the Charlie Angel?


Is this how Heidi Klum stays so young looking?
April 24th, 2015 under Project Runway. [ Comments: none ]

Heidi Klum posted a photo of several hairless models in what looks like a bowl of soup and I have to wonder if that is the Fountain of Youth that keeps the 41 year old looking so youthful. Sadly her magical elixir has not been revealed, it was just a photoshoot for Germany’s Next Top Model.
Too bad because I want to know what her secret is, don’t you?


Heidi Klum better before or after?
April 14th, 2015 under Better than..., Project Runway. [ Comments: none ]

Heidi Klum shared a photo of herself before her makeup was done and her hair was all made up, and then she posted the after shot. To see that picture, then click here!


These celebrities were going at it like rabbits yesterday!
April 6th, 2015 under Full House, Project Runway. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday was Easter and some celebrities celebrated it differently than you and I did.
Heidi Klum was caught making out with a life-size bunny. But she had nothing on John Stamos who made one very lucky rabbit very very happy in the bedroom.
And thanks to these two celebrities, we don’t have feel guilty about eating all of their chocolate family members because they made up for our insatiable appetites. Although next year we will have to be very careful because we might eat a bunny or two that looks a lot like Stamos! If you get one of those, keep it because it could be worth something.


Heidi Klum looks different without makeup!
January 12th, 2015 under Project Runway. [ Comments: 1 ]

Heidi Klum is a beautiful woman, but it is amazing how different she looks without makeup. She is still gorgeous, but you can tell that all of that paint makes a difference on the Supermodel. Without it, she looks like your better than average MILF; but she doesn’t not like the model she is. What do you think?


Heidi Klum knows how to hide the nipple!
December 1st, 2014 under Project Runway. [ Comments: none ]

Heidi Klum did a photoshoot wearing just a fur coat for Sharper Image’s Cyber Monday sales. If the image was sharper, then there is a good chance you would see her nipple. But since it isn’t, you will just have to virtually imagine it is there.
Or you could respect her for not exposing it. How she managed to hide it, is beyond me. That is why she is paid the big bucks to be a model.


Jimmy Fallon found a way to look up his guests’ skirts!
July 31st, 2014 under Jimmy Fallon, Project Runway. [ Comments: none ]

A few weeks ago Jimmy Fallon had Halle Berry on The Tonight Show, and he introduced a new segment with her called, This Is How We Roll. Basically she stands there, spreads her legs open as he lies down face up between them. Then they assume the position so that they can form a human wheel and roll down the mat together.
Well yesterday, he had Heidi Klum on and he did the same thing with her. He says he didn’t look, but let’s be real. Everyone would look.
So who will be his next victim? We will just have to wait and see. Seriously, am I the only person who hopes that his next victim is a true Scot wearing a Kelt? How awesome would that be? I’d blow my bagpipe to see that! Wait, that doesn’t sound right. But you know what I mean.


When did Heidi Klum get so old looking?
November 1st, 2013 under Halloween, Project Runway. [ Comments: none ]

Heidi Klum always has the best costumes on Halloween and I think this year’s look is her personal best! The Super Model went as an elderly woman and she doesn’t look anything like herself. I think her people even did a better job than Brad Pitt’s makeup artists did in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
To see her preps for spectacular costume, then click here!


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