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This cat is so ruff with this dog!
September 13th, 2014 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

So there was this dog, who just wanted to have a lazy day in the sun. But that was not meant to be because the cat wanted to play. The kitty was like a Jack Russell and saying play with me, play with me, pppplllllaaaayyyy wwwwiiiittttthhhhh mmmmeeeeee. No matter what the feline did, the good pup just laid there and took it for as long he could. Eventually it was too much for the pooch and he walked away. No word if the pussy followed, but I am sure the cat followed his best friend to the end.


The web of lies this dog spun!
September 5th, 2014 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

A man dressed his best friend up as a spider and scared unsuspecting people. The prank starts off innocent at first, but as it goes on the owner got more creative. Therefore, the people get more terrified and ran faster than spider trying to catch fly that just flew in his web.
Since we are the viewer and know it is a dog in sheep’s, I mean spider’s, clothing, it is funny how horrified these people get. Although I would probably do the same thing because I such a scaredy cat. But then again my cat is less afraid of spiders than I am.


It’s the dog days of summer, this is how these pooches cool off!
August 26th, 2014 under Animals, David Letterman. [ Comments: none ]

Today is National Doggy Day and David Letterman celebrated it a day early on The Late Show. He had three dogs show us that they can jump further than you can by jump diving into a pool. The first pup leaped over 25′ while the other two flew over 30′ each. And I am happy if I don’t hit the side of the pool when I jump in.


Meet the new furriest pussy!
August 6th, 2014 under Animals, Guinness World Records. [ Comments: none ]

There is a new very furry cat in the Guinness Book of World Records and her name is Sophie. She is a 2-year-old rescue cat from Oceanside, California and the fur on her tail measures 25.68 centimetres (10.11 inches). That beats out the last holder of the title by over an inch.
Sophie’s mom, Jami, acquired her one day when she was walking her dog and a man in a truck asked her if she wanted the kitten in the paperbag he was holding. She wasn’t sure if there really was one in there, but as soon as she got her hands on the bag she realized there was one inside. She originally intended to bring the kitten into the shelter, but after 30 minutes she was in love. How can you not love that face and long beautiful tail?
As the owner of a long haired kitty, I feel for Jami. I know what it is like to have fur all over the place and my baby’s fur is about half the length of Sophie’s.


May 16th, 2014 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

The Toronto Zoo shared some precious security video of their two giant pandas, Da Mao (plastic pool) and Er Shun (hay) playing around in their enclosures and you know want to watch it. I don’t know what it is about seeing them play like that, but it makes me wants to have one of my own. Don’t you wish you could own one too?


Something cat haters will love!
May 12th, 2014 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

If you hate cats (which is something I don’t get), then you are going to love this video of a person playing Whack-A-Kitty with a box full of cute kittens. I am sure you cat haters have thought about this, and now you get to see how ameowzing it would be. But a word to wise and people who hate cats, don’t try this at home. While these kitties were OK with it, most felines would go after you with claws out before you even had a chance to whack them once. At least that is how my pussy would play the game and I am sure she is not alone.
Now for us people who love cats, isn’t that video the most precious thing you’ve seen all day?

UPDATE: This gives new meaning to tap that pussy!!! And yes, my cat didn’t laugh at this joke either.


Proof our legal system is going to the dogs!
April 15th, 2014 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

IV Griner got a jury summons in the mail, so what is so unusual about that? Well IV (pronounced Ivy) is a dog. That’s right she is a German Shepard.
So what happened? Cumberland County Judiciary Coordinator Dennis Moffa told NBC 10 that it was a computer error. He explained, “This happens many times. As an example, if you had John Henry IV, sometimes the notice might just say Henry IV.” Then he added, “I think that the computer probably randomly picks some things that are probably not as on point as they should be.”
So how does IV’s owner Barrett Griner IV, feel about his best friend be selected for Jury Duty? He jokes with the Philadelphia affiliate, “She [the dog] might be good for a cat burglar case or something like that.” I think she can serve on many cases because she can sniff out the real truth. Well the truth and drugs!


These 4 dogs say Grace and clean up after themselves!
April 15th, 2014 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

We have seen dogs beg for food, but have you ever seen them pray for it? A woman in China not only taught her pups to bow their heads as she says Grace before they eat, but she’s also trained them to give her their bowls when they are done eating. Forget Cesar Milan, this woman should be training dogs all over the world on television. I’d watch her show.


Leaf it go!
April 11th, 2014 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

via People
Leonardo is a big dog, but that didn’t stop him from being afraid of a little old dried out leaf. The pooch barked at it trying to tell it who was boss; but the leaf just kept blowing in the wind. That is until he finally caught it and the Boxer won the fight. Once he was declared the victor, he was ready for another round. Sadly there was no opponent left for him to fight.


Has the Chupacabra finally been found?
April 3rd, 2014 under Animals. [ Comments: 3 ]

via KABC
For centuries we have heard about the elusive Chupacabra, but we haven’t seen the demonic creature alive. That is until now because a man in Ratcliffe, Tx is claiming he caught the blood sucker over the weekend. Well at least his wife thinks it is a baby version of it. Texas Parks and Wildlife on the other hand thinks it is a canine with mange and that is why it is hairless.
So do you think that is the mythical Chupacabra or is it just one of the ugliest animals you have ever seen? I am hoping it is the Chupacabra but that is because then there is hope we will finally find the Lochness Monster and/or Big Foot. How awesome would that be? Syfy would be beyond thrilled!


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