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Reason 807 why you don’t mess with cats!
April 11th, 2015 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

So a boy tried to scare a cat and the cat wound up scaring him! Proving just because the kitties are smaller than you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be afraid of them. My cat has taught me that lesson time and time again. I’m afraid, I’m very afraid!


Reason 9001 why dogs are afraid of cats!
April 9th, 2015 under Animals. [ Comments: 6 ]

We’ve seen those videos of dogs who afraid to walk past a cat, but we haven’t really seen why that’s the case until now. A black kitty was laying out by the pool, when the two puppies that lived with her wanted to share in some of that ray action. The feline had no intention of moving, so the canines did all they could to get her to move. When one of the pups went after her tail, she let them know she had enough. What did she do? She pushed him into the pool! Showing him whose the real pussy in the house! He is.
And that is why dogs are afraid of cats! They might be small, but they have a mighty strong wallop in them!


Watch these bikers save a dog’s life on a highway!
March 16th, 2015 under Admirable People, Animals. [ Comments: none ]

A dog jumped out of his owner’s car on the highway in Brazil and a bunch motorcyclists stopped traffic to rescue him. The lost pup was so scared, he ran away from his rescuers until eventually they were able to capture him. Once they did, he was reunited with his owner and all was OK.
There are so many positive things about this videos. The fact that all those strangers came to the dog’s aid is amazing. But what also really touched my heart, is not only did all of those cars stop, but none of them beeped their horns complaining about being stopped for a four-legged friend. How remarkable is that?


This horse is really excited to be on TV!
March 12th, 2015 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

via FTV Live
KGTV’s Marie Coronel was doing a liveshot at a stable about a horse that was injured, and the horse’s 5th leg made an appearance. In other words, he was very excited to be on television. Proving that once again, you never what you are going to see on live television.
BTW I love when they came out of the PKG that they made sure not to show that body part of the stallion.


Who says cats and dogs don’t get along?
March 12th, 2015 under Animals. [ Comments: 4 ]

via KABC
Bow-Z the dog and Jasper the cat were separated for 10 days, and when they got together again, their master, JoshBouz, just had to film their reunion. That’s because the kitty couldn’t stop hugging his best friend. Dogs might be man’s best friend, but in this case his best friend is a feline.
This meowvelous video is to arfdorable not to post!


You meowing to me?
March 10th, 2015 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

A cat owner downloaded the App Human-to-Cat Translator, and she couldn’t wait to see how her kitty would react to it.
Even though the App comes with this warning, “If your pet displays signs of distress or aggression, discontinue use immediately,” she chose to ignore it. Instead, she recorded a message a for her pussy and at first the feline seemed to like the sound. But then the furball, didn’t. The cat’s reaction is so purrfect, you are going to want to watch it over and over again!
I will tell before I watched this video, I downloaded the App and tried it on my cat. At first she was confused, then she started rubbing her head on the iPad and finally she got bored with it. So just like most things I get for her, I am having more fun with the toy than she is.
Next up, I will download the dog to human translator and see how she likes that one…


Reason 4077 why cats are the purrfect pet!
February 11th, 2015 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

via Eonline
We have all seen those touching videos of soldiers coming home from long tours and getting the most heartwarming greetings from their family members and animals. This is a video of just cats welcoming home their masters. Anyone who has left their feline for a few days will appreciate this because they get the same love from their kitty when they return. At least that is how my other cat would greet me when I got back from vacation.
Now before you get all that is why I hate cats, this was a parody video by Kate Sidley. Even though it is fake, it could just as easily be real.


This is one Groundhog who wasn’t having it!
February 2nd, 2015 under Animals. [ Comments: 4 ]

All over the country, poor innocent Groundhogs were forced out of there homes, picked up by a stranger and then paraded around like a prize in front of crowds of people. They don’t know why this happens to them every February 2nd, but for the most part they have come to accept this fate. That was until today.
In the town of Sun Prairie, Wisc, there was a new guy who was assigned the duty. His name is Jimmy and he was not instructed what was going to happen to him this morning. No one told him that when you are brought close to the Mayor’s ear, you are supposed to pretend to whisper into it. Instead Jimmy bit Mayor Jonathan Freund’s lobe.
You would think that this would be enough to make this Groundhog’s Day celebration the most memorable one in the country today, but there was even more to his story. According to WISC, when he was talking into the Mayor’s ear before he got a little taste of it, the elected official thought Jimmy told him he didn’t see his shadow which means they are getting an early Spring. But when Jimmy’s handler was being interviewed by the press, he said Jimmy did see shadow and they would be getting 6 more weeks of Winter.
So how much cold weather will this town have to endure, the city released a statement and went with the injured Mayor’s declaration. When it comes to how he is doing? We don’t know, he is enjoying the press on his Facebook page, but has yet to comment on his injury. When it comes to whether or not Jimmy will be back next year, we will have to wait 364 days to find out. But I hope he is back because the first timer definitely left his mark (in more than one way) on Groundhog’s Day and I can’t wait to see how he tops it year after year after year.
Forget Punxsutawney Phil, this is the Groundhog how deserves his own movie!


This little piggy slid all the way home!
January 8th, 2015 under Animals. [ Comments: 1 ]

It was so cold near Pittsburgh the other day that the sidewalk froze. Well, what if you are pig and you are not used to your path being frozen solid? If you are Phinny, you slip and slide all the way the home until your owner Ricky Gindlesberger brings you inside to warm up by the heater. I guess he will have to go to the market on another day.
Just a word of advice to Phinny, don’t get too close to the heat…
Seriously, isn’t this video to adoinkable for words???


This will make you feel guilty for leaving your dog home alone!
December 30th, 2014 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

A master wanted to see what his dog does after he leaves his house for work, so he attached a GoPro to his collar. What happens next will make a person feel bad for leaving their best friend home alone. The pooch starts running around the place trying to find his walker, but Mike the Intern is no where to be seen. Eventually, the puppy runs into his owner’s room, jumps on the bed and howls in sadness, wondering where he went and when he will be home.
After watching this video, I would never leave my doggy home alone ever again. That is why I have a cat, she could care less when I leave her to her own devices. At least I think that is what she does. I will not be putting a camera on her neck because I would not be able to handle it if she does that what this puppy does.


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