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Mr. Snuffleupagus & Mr. Stephanopoulos
September 12th, 2014 under Sesame Street/Muppets, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Mr. Stephanopoulos spoke to Mr. Snuffleupagus on Good Morning America today and we got a mouthful. Try saying Mr. Snuffleupagus & Mr. Stephanopoulos more than once without slurring your speech. Better yet, try spelling their names with your eyes closed. Does your head hurt? I know I was complete mess when I tried to do both challenges back to back. And here I thought that was Sesame Street was supposed to teach us the easy stuff, there ain’t nothing easy about Mr. Snuffleupagus & Mr. Stephanopoulos.
Thanks to trying to saying their names together more than once, I am sounding a lot like Cindy Brady now.


Is this anchor insinuating that the actor got his part by doing ‘favors’?
September 11th, 2014 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

via Scott Lowell
Dan Stevens was on Good Morning Britain yesterday to talk about his role in the movie, The Guest, when the anchor asked him a question that made him blush!
Susanna Reid wanted to know, “You must have had to beat off a lot of American men to get this part?” Before she could even finish the question, he started to giggle uncontrollably. She was confused by his laughter and quizzed him, “Did you not have to beat them off?” Stevens couldn’t stop laughing, so her male anchor had to ask the question in a way that was less exciting. And yet, she still didn’t understad her faux pas, which makes you wonder if she ever beat any guys off for anything?
BTW, I am so happy that Reid asks the hard hitting questions.


Things got batty at Good Morning Tennessee today!
September 10th, 2014 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

So you know how people love to photobomb reporters when they are going live with the news? Well, today at WTAE‘s Good Morning Tennessee, they were photobatted. That’s because a bat flew into their studio during the start of their newscast and morning anchors Bo Williams, Tearsa Smith and meteorologist Julya Johnson were the most awake they have been since they started on this shift.
Seriously, their reaction to the flying creature is so classic, you just have to watch it. I mean, you can’t blame the little guy for taking a swing and a miss by trying to get his story out there. Plus, he’s a nocturnal creature and they were intruding on party time. So rude.
So what happened to the little guy? According to the website, he was caught before the noon news and will be released into a wooded area. Too bad because they could’ve been the only station in Knoxville with their own little mascot. They could’ve had him fly out for breaking news, or sports since it is baseball season. Oh well, it is a wasted opportunity.


This reporter’s story is all the buzz, a wasps’ buzz!
September 4th, 2014 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

via FTV Live
KCTV’s Nathan Vickers was recording a standup with a GoPro for his story and he stepped in something that made him say, “oh sh!t!” Well not on camera, but in his head.
You see, as he was walking in the thick grass, he heard a crunch. When he looked down, he realized that he had just crushed a Wasps’ nest and they weren’t too happy about it. Once he saw those evil bugs coming at him for revenge, he ran faster than Forrest Gump. Which you can’t blame him because that is exactly what you would do in that situation. Granted, I would do it screaming as if I was being chased by Jason Vorhees holding an ax.
BTW is it wrong I can’t stop laughing at him, the second he realized he just stepped in it?


Is CNN trying to get us to tune in or out?
September 2nd, 2014 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

If you are like me, then bugs makes you squeamish. And if you are like me, then this CNN report is so not for you. David McKenzie went to a cockroach farm in China where Wang Fumin is raising millions of roaches for pharmaceutical companies. Not only does he love taking care of them, he also loves to eat them. At one point in the story, the reporter tries some of them. Then after he swallows, he describes the taste. Something I totally could have lived without knowing. Actually this whole story is something I could’ve lived without knowing.
So I ask you is CNN trying to get us to watch or to switch the channel? I know if I see bugs, then I change the channel.


This reporter gets an earfull…of a Dildo!
September 2nd, 2014 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Sky Sports’ Alan Irwin was going live outside of the Everton Finch Farm when one of the fans got very excited. The guy suddenly left the crowd shaking something in the air. As he got closer to the camera you could tell that it was a Dildo. The uppity fan eventually stuck it into the reporter’s ear before being taken away by security.
I don’t know what surprises me more about this liveshot, the reporter being attacked by a Dildo or the fact that fan was carrying one around. I think the latter.


Lisa Desjardins did not go quietly from CNN!
August 29th, 2014 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since Jeff Zucker started running CNN, loyal employees who have been there for years, even decades, have been let go. Earlier this week several employees, some who have been there since day one, were reportedly sent a letter asking them to accept a buyout. The eligible employees must be over 55 and have worked with the company for over ten years. If you meet those qualifications, then the company is asking you to take the buyout. If you don’t want to take it, then you are taking the risk of being let go without the buyout offer.
Now what if you are under 55 and been with the company less than 10 years, does that mean you are safe? In a word, Hell-to-the-Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Lisa Desjardins, who was covering Capitol Hill for 9 years, says she was told that her position is no longer needed. So she made a farewell video, instead of sending a goodbye letter. She didn’t send it out to just her CNN coworkers, she sent it out on YouTube for the whole wide world to see.
Her goodbye package is Pulitzer prize winning reporting and I hope they consider it for an award. Since her sentiments could be felt by anyone, who has been let go from any company.
So now, all of you people who watch CNN, have a face to put on all the layoffs that have been happening recently. It is a brave one, but it is also one of sadness.
I wish Lisa Desjardins luck and know she will land on her feet somewhere soon. Maybe Fox News, C-Span or MSNBC will snatch her up. I mean after all, she’s one of the few people on the Hill that would know if Congress threw passages of Fifty Shades of Grey into a bill. That is a great skill to have.


When being a fly in a newsroom is a bad thing!
August 15th, 2014 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

So a BBC Scotland reporter was reporting on some breaking news, but the real story was happening right in front of him. A fly was trapped in a spider’s web and the owner pf it came for his meal while the guy was on the air. So whatever the anchor was saying was completely lost due to the distraction. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.


Gayle King’s wardrobe malfunction!
July 29th, 2014 under Celeb Oops, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Gayle King put on a hot pink dress early this morning and she didn’t realize until much later in the afternoon that it was on backwards. Many of us have done the same thing, but unlike her we weren’t doing it on national television. Granted if we woke up as early as she does for work, we’d probably do the exact same thing more often than we already do it now.
BTW I know that the dress wasn’t meant to be worn that way, but I like the way it looks in the back. What about you?


Morgan Freeman is so excited to be on GMA, he fell asleep!
July 24th, 2014 under Morgan Freeman, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Morgan Freeman has been doing a lot of press recently for CBS’s Madame Secretary (he is a producer on it) and Lucy, so he has been missing out on some much needed sleep. Today, he woke up early to be on Good Morning America, but he was still a little drowsy. So while he waited for his segment he took a cat nap. Although, that looks like more than just a cat nap. I wish I could sleep as deep as him.
So did he do what he did last year, and sleep through his interview? Nope, someone at GMA was given the sh!tty assignment of waking him up. I would’ve hated to do that because he looks so comfortable. Plus, I’d love to find out how sexy his snoring sounds. With his voice, you know it has to be the sexiest snore ever!
I take back what I said about wishing I could sleep as deeply as he does, because now I know what my cure will be. It will be going to see Lucy. Doesn’t that film look like a real snoozefest?


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