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Watch this weatherman get a blow job live on the air!
June 26th, 2017 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

TV3’s Deric Hartigan was reporting about the weather on Live on Ireland AM this past Friday, when Mother Nature showed him who is boss. As he was telling the viewers how windy it was outside, the wind blew him away. Instead of the anchors asking how he was doing, they were laughing up a storm. Which you cannot blame the, because that is funny as when it suddenly rains right after you finally got your car washed.

As awesome as that is, it does not shine as bright as the sun on a hot summer day as this hilarious scene from the cancelled too soon sitcom The Class. But it is a close second!


Keshia Knight Pulliam would be disappointed but still love Bill Cosby if guilty
June 14th, 2017 under Bill Cosby, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Keshia Knight Pulliam was on Today today and they asked how she would feel about Bill Cosby, whom she accompanied on his first day of court, if he is found guilty of sexual assault. She told Craig Melvin, “I’ll be disappointed, however it won’t change the love. Because when you have family, people falter, people makes mistakes, things happen. But in no way condoning sexual assault.”

She again told them as a mother of a girl she cannot condone that act and reminded them that her TV father is a husband, a father and a son.

I get that, but according to the claims it was not just one woman. It was around 50 females. That is not faltering or making mistake. That is getting away with a crime and keep on committing it because they can. I could not and would not love someone I knew that committed that crime. Could you?


Can you believe it is June?
June 2nd, 2017 under Jimmy Kimmel, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Can you believe it is already June? I can’t believe it and neither can all of these newscasters throughout the United States. Jimmy Kimmel Live compiled several newscasts around the country and they all had the same sentiment. They can’t believe it is June. I can’t wait to see how they react when it is July. Can you believe that is less than a month away?


Four of The Brady Bunch kids talk about the show!
May 30th, 2017 under The Brady Bunch, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Greg (Barry Williams), Peter (Christopher Knight), Bobby (Mike Lookinland) and Cindy Brady (Susan Olsen) all woke up early today to talk about The Brady Bunch on Today.

Even though it has been 48 years since the classic sitcom debuted (Can you believe it?), Williams says they are still referred to as kids. Even I did it and they are all over 55 years old. Which is hard to believe because I still think of them as the way they were.

On that note, while Eve Plumb, who is in Ohio playing Elyse Keaton in a stage production of Family Tues, has tried to get to get away from the Brady image; these four have accepted that it will always be with them.

Lookinland said that the original fans of the show have grandchildren and they are checking it out now. Olsen’s theory is that the show was based on parents and kids respecting each other and they don’t do on television these days. Today’s shows are more about getting the parents out of there and parents can’t watch it to get tips on how to possibly be better parents. Although, I think some shows are trying to do that like Girl Meets World, Fresh Off the Boat, The Middle and Speechless, they just aren’t as innocent as TBB was back then. I agree with Olsen that we need to try to bring that back.

Not only did they talk about the show, they also talked about their TV mom Florence Henderson who passed away in November. They said that she loved to make people laugh and would do anything she can do to do just that. Which she did for us time and time again.

I said last week, that I think a show survives in syndication if the cast genuinely love each other and keep in touch. You can see that with this cast and it has been 48 years. Here’s to 48 more!


Watch this reporter lose his 💩 on live TV!
May 29th, 2017 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

ABC 30’s Cory James was given the cool assignment to drive down from Fresno to Disneyland and ride the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy Ride. What he didn’t know is how scary it is. As soon as it took off, he hit notes that only a baby on an airplane makes. A loud squeal that teenage girls make when they meet their teen idol. That ear piercing scream that leaves your eardrums ringing for days. And that is why we love live television!


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