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Alfonso Ribeiro can dance more than The Carlton
March 20th, 2017 under Alfonso Ribeiro, Charo, Dancing with the Stars. [ Comments: none ]

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For decades, we always thought that Alfonso Ribeiro didn’t have any rhythm because of the dance he did on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but turns out he can charm the pants off of a girl with the way he moves his hips.

Yes, he won Dancing with the Stars, but that only shows off choreographed moves. Yes, he was The Tap Dance Kid, but that shows off his feet. Yes, he did break dancing with Michael Jackson, but that is a stiffer type of movement than what he just did with Charo. Who knew he could move his torso like that? I can’t stop looking at his silver spoon area. Seriously, aren’t you impressed?

Now, when it comes to Charo and him, I hope he rubbed his mirrorball trophy on her for good luck because I want to see her Cuchi Cuchi win this season of the ABC dancing reality competition show that starts tonight!


What would make Mr T shave his infamous mohawk?
March 1st, 2017 under Dancing with the Stars. [ Comments: none ]

ABC announced today on Good Morning America who will be on Dancing with Stars this season and I am rooting for Mr T and Charo to win it all. In fact, I hope ABC will watch them and think we need to give them a sitcom together. I Coochie the Fool!

Anyways, after it was announced that A-Team’s lead man was going to be on the Dancing competition show, he took to Twitter. He said, “Between me and you, I really can’t dance! But I will do my very best for the children @shrinershosp and @StJude. But make no mistake about it Fool! I will train and will practice real hard. Even when I am tired and sore, I’ll keep rehearsing! Grrr! Now, if I just happen to win, I will cutoff my Mohawk to stand in solidarity with the children who are fighting cancer! GOD bless them! But if we don’t win, what a Pity! It won’t be because I didn’t try hard! Oh no…, ’cause I’m gonna bring it everyday Fool!” That is enough to make me vote for him every week because I want to see what he would look like without it.

To see who else is taking it to the dance floor, then click here!


Baby Chmerkovskiy is ready for his closeup, but is his mom?
January 2nd, 2017 under Dancing with the Stars. [ Comments: none ]

Dancing with the Stars’ Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd’s baby boy is ready to make his appearance on his actual due date, but his mom isn’t quite ready. I am sure she is ready to meet him, she just wants to make sure she has her best face on.
Which mom wants to tell her that there will be no makeup on her face by the time she finally pushes out her son? Not me, I am afraid of women in labor!
Either way, I am sure he is going to come out dancing just like his parents. And then they will be dancing for joy!


Maksim Chmerkovskiy outs Erin Andrews
December 10th, 2016 under Dancing with the Stars. [ Comments: none ]

Maksim Chmerkovskiy was being interviewed by Fox 5 in Vegas when he decided to get revenge on Erin Andrews.
Last Spring, Andrews accidentally revealed that Maks and Peta Murgatroyd were expecting their little bundle of joy on Dancing with the Stars before they got to tell their families the news. Now, several months later, he got to announce that she in fact engaged to her longtime boyfriend Jarret Stroll. Revenge is sweet and looks like he loves how it tastes!
When it comes to Maks and Peta, he revealed that their baby is due on January 2nd and they will be getting married in July.
So it is a race to the alter for the two former Dancing partners. Who will get their first, only time will tell.


Julianne Hough’s gown was too big for the porcelain throne!
November 23rd, 2016 under Dancing with the Stars. [ Comments: none ]

Julianne Hough wore a big beautiful gown for the Dancing with the Stars finale yesterday, so big it made doing something ugly very hard to do. That thing was going to the bathroom and she shared a picture of herself thinking #2 while trying to go #1.
Now she knows what brides go on their special day. Something she has yet to experience even though she keeps trying to get all the way down to altar.


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