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Do you see Jesus on this mountain?
March 29th, 2015 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Easter is still a week away, but people are flocking to a mountain in San Fransisco, Colombia to see what they think looks like Jesus’ face on the side of a mountain. According to El Tiempo, the image formed on the ravine after a small landslide.
So do you see what they see or do you see something different?


Hot Links!
March 15th, 2015 under Hot Links!, Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]


Who smells fishy? – Dlisted

Who Twerked in a thong? – THS

Victoria Justice in see-thru dress – GCeleb

Who suffered another nip slip? – Celebslam

Claire Danes completely naked – The Nip Slip

Which actor likes to watch women cry? – Celebitchy

Which reality star wants to join The Biggest Loser? – Hollywood PQ


BTWF home videos: Ryan Gosling in 1992
March 9th, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Ryan Gosling, Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Before Ryan Gosling had women around the world following him around, he had a bunch female dancers following his lead. How awwwdorable was the 12 year old in that 1992 talent show?


Porn Stars take Interest in College Recruits
March 6th, 2015 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Some college athletic programs are receiving unsolicited endorsements from the most unlikely of sources. Instead of prestigious pro athletes urging others to follow in their footsteps under their university’s name, porn stars are now garnering the most media attention for their recruitment skills.

Fansided recently reported that budding adult actress Mia Khalifa was trying to convince Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller to come to Florida State. The actress sent out a tweet Jan. 9 that read: “Hey, @BraxtonMiller5, if you come to FSU I’ll bring all my pornstar friends to the games. #BraxtonToTally”

While the tweet itself was all in good fun, Khalifa took the suggestion a step further and posted a 2-minute, 41-second video addressed directly to the injured quarterback. In the video, Khalifa wore a Florida State Seminoles shirt strategically cut to show off her ample assets and reminded Miller of all the fun ways he could spend his time off if he came to Florida. Activities included spending the bye week in Panama City, where Khalifa happily said she could join him.

Khalifa isn’t the first porn star to take an interest in the success of our country’s collegiate athletes as of late. Last October, Notre Dame Freshman WR Justin Brent was spotted at a New York Nicks preseason game with XXX actress Lisa Ann on his arm (or rather, his lap). Forty-two-year-old Lisa Ann became the most searched for porn star in 2014, earning her the title of of America’s favorite MILF, according to this page on Adam & Eve. She secured the position thanks to her legendary portrayal as Gov. Sarah Palin in Who’s Nailin’ Palin? and Who’s Nailin’ Palin? 2 along with two subsequent films that answer those exact burning questions, Hollywood’s Nailin’ Palin and David Letterman’s Nailin’ Palin.

Brent isn’t even the only college football player to receive encouragement from Lisa Ann. She frequently posts about NCAA basketball and football, even following and retweeting a post from the Big Ten Network in December—a tweet specifically directed towards another Ohio State Buckeye, TE Jeff Heuerman. Chat Sports reported here that the two met at a gentleman’s club in September 2014. During their initial meeting, Heuerman tweeted a picture of the two hugging and holding hands, with the caption “Nice seeing you tonight darling @thereallisaann….Until next time.” In response, Lisa Ann tweeted: “@JHeuerman86 I will be watching your career.. see you at the Draft! Have a great season!”

Of course, it’s worth noting that porn stars encouraging the league’s most talented players isn’t a strategy exclusive to the collegiate level. In 2011, Business Insider posted claims from porn star Bibi Jones, who said that an agent for the MLB would call on her to help recruit potential clients after Arizona Diamondbacks games in 2010. “It was like a dream come true because I love athletes and baseball’s my favorite sport,” she said.

If grown men can’t turn down a porn star, guys between the ages of 18-22 don’t stand a chance. But hey—anything to help the home team, right?


Om, this is why we fall asleep watching late night television!
February 6th, 2015 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Jeff Bridges was on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show yesterday and Conan asked the actor if he meditates. Of course, the Oscar winner does. He then decided it would be a good idea to lead the audience in an Omming session, so for the next one minute and fifteen seconds they all ommed. I wasn’t sure how long it went on for when I watched it yesterday because I fell asleep while watching it. When I woke up this morning, I tried to time it. After four tries and 3 power naps, I finally was able to figure it out. The power of Om!
I think that is the closest thing to the dead air, but instead of hearing silence, we hear ommmmmmmmmmmm. Sorry, fell asleep again.


Is Bill Hader trying to take over for Oscar the Grouch?
January 13th, 2015 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Bill Hader will be on Sesame Street and he got to teach Murray and Elmo about the word “grouchy”.
Why he needs to school them on a word they should know all to well, I don’t know. I mean, you’d think they would be familiar with that word because one of their friends’ name is Oscar the Grouch. Wouldn’t they be curious, after all of this time, why they call him the Grouch? Unless this is the Saturday Night Liver’s way of telling us he is on his way to where the air is sweet? You know, Oscar has been living in that garbage can for over 40 years now, maybe it is about time he moves on? Although if our favorite green guy is being thrown out like the trash, I am sure that will make him very grouchy. Thus, why Murray and Elmo had to learn the meaning of that word before it was too late.


Hot Links!
January 2nd, 2015 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]


Whose body looks better than her face? – Dlisted

Victoria Justice shows a lot of skin! – GCeleb

Whose ankle is causing a lot of controversy? – THS

The best wardrobe malfunctions of 2014 – Celebslam

Lea Michele goes topless for the New Year – Hollywood PQ

Which actor said that George Clooney is moist in person? – Celebitchy


Who was teased more by Eaten Alive, the anaconda or us?
December 8th, 2014 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

For weeks, Discovery has been promoting Eaten Alive, a special they said where a guy gets eaten by anaconda while he is alive. It turns out, after watching the show for two long hours, he was just tasted by the snake. His head was swallowed up by the reptile and his body was squeezed by it. Then when the crushing effect became too much for him, he asked for his team to rescue him.
So obviously this whole stunt was a disappointment to all who tuned in. In fact, some people like me, compared it to the time Geraldo Rivera opened up Al Capone’s Vault and nothing was inside. A comparison the newsman does not like. He took to Twitter and said, “Comparing Eaten Alive to Al Capone’s vault is unfair. I didn’t know the damn thing was empty & I didn’t stop halfway down belly of the beast”. He is right and his event was on live TV, so they found out when we did that it was empty. Unlike yesterday’s taped show where everyone involved knew he wasn’t really eaten alive. So in a way we should be a lot more disappointed by yesterday’s special because they knew nothing was really going to happen.
Now even though Geraldo has a point, both specials were big let downs. So which one do you think was a bigger let down?


The Red Tent is red hot!
December 7th, 2014 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

The men of the Bible have had their story told and now it is time for the women to have their tale shared in The Red Tent tonight and tomorrow at 9p on Lifetime.
The movie starts out with Jacob (Iain Glen) meeting Rachel (Morena Baccarin) and falling in love with her. He asks her father to marry her, but on their wedding night her old sister Leah (Minnie Driver) shows up instead. The next day, he confronts their father and insists that he should be married to Rachel. Seven years later they are finally married.
The three of them are living happily together. Leah has given him a lot of sons, but Rachel has yet to give him any children. Eventually, Rachel has a son named Joseph and Leah has a daughter named Dinah (Rebecca Ferguson). Since she is the only girl in the family of 12 boys she is treated differently than her brothers. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t very protective over her.
One day Dinah goes the castle and meets the Prince. The two of them fall instantly in love and decide to marry without her father’s approval. Jacob isn’t happy about this and tells the King that all the men of his Kingdom must get a circumcision if his son wants to remain married to his daughter. The men all agree to get snipped. Even though they agreed to this term, her brothers are still upset that she married the Prince and do something shocking about it.
What happens next is of Biblical proportions and you will want to see Genesis come to life in this 2 part miniseries.


Joe Bastianich votes himself off of MasterChef
November 26th, 2014 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

On MasterChef Joe Bastianich is very tough on the contestants, but on MasterChef Junior he is much more of tough but fair teacher. When he is done with season 3 of MasterChef Junior, that starts in January, he will be done with the franchise.
The MasterChef explained his decision in this statement, “After several gratifying years as a judge on MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, I have decided to step down from my role on the show. It has been a pleasure working alongside Gordon and Graham on five seasons of MasterChef and three seasons of MasterChef Junior, and I look forward to continuing my current collaborations with Shine America. As co-owner and partner of the Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group, as well as Eataly throughout the Americas, I will be focusing my time and energies on their continued global expansion.”
I am actually going to miss him. He might have been brunt with the contestants, but it was they needed. It is also what the cooking competition needed to counter Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliott’s nicer approach.
No word who will replace him, but Gordon Ramsay is open to your suggestions on Twitter!


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